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Additional Names Received of Titanic Victims Sent by Mackay-Bennett


No Certainty That Searching Ship Has Remains of Astor, Butt, or Widener

An additional list of names of fifteen persons who perished in the Titanic disaster, and whose bodies have been recovered, was made public today by the White Star Line. The list was received in a wireless telegram from the cable ship Mackay-Bennett, which also announced that a total of seventy-seven bodies had been recovered to date.

The White Star Line this morning made public the following wireless communication, giving the names in the additional list of those recovered in the Titanic disaster:

“From Mackay-Bennett, via steamship Royal George and Cape Race to Ismay, White Star Line, care Commercial Cable Company, New York:

“Following identified today – Monday:

Mrs. Mack.
Mrs. N. McNamee
Catavelos Vasilios
W. Vear
Mary Managan
William Sage
James Farrel
Henry D. Hansen
James Kelly
Mauretz Adahl
Reg. Hale
W.D. Douglas

“Douglas has been embalmed.

Above all passengers.

“Have also identified J.R. Rice, assistant purser; G. Hinckley, hospital attendant, and W. Butt of crew. Total bodies to date, seventy-seven.”

A revised list of the names of the bodies recovered yesterday was given out today. The list in some cases changes the spelling of the names slightly from the original message received yesterday. The revised list of the names received yesterday follows:

M. Marriott.
Mrs. A. Robins.
Louis M. Hoffman.
George Rosenshire.
John H. Chapman.
W. Corbine.
H. Greenberg.
Ramon Artagaveytia.
Simon Sother.
H. W. Ashe.
W. H. Hambeck.
Malcolm Johnson.
A. J. Holverson.
N. F. Colas Rasher.
Nihil Shedid.
H. B. Att.
Bessie Williams.
A. Hayter.
Jerry Morrose.
Steward 76.
George Widen.
Fred Sutton.
Leslie Gillinski.
J. S. Gill.
Ernest P. Tomlin.
Yosi Pedrazenoui.

In the message it was said that all were preserved.

Bodies Identified From White Star Passenger List.

Officials of the White Star Line were able this afternoon to announce that they had checked off with the aid of their passenger lists some of the names of the identified dead which have been recovered by the Mackay-Bennett cable ship. The list follows:

First-class passengers – W. D. Douglas, Ramon Artagaveytia, Fred Sutton and A. M. Holverson (sent by wireless to the White Star as A. J. Holverson).

Second-class passengers – Louis M. Hoffman, John H. Chapman (sent by wireless as John A. Chapman), W. Corbines (sent by wireless as W. Carbines), W. H. Harbeck, John Gill (sent by wireless as J. S. Gill), Nicholas Nasser (sent by wireless as N. F. Soles Rasher), Mrs. Mary Mack, Reginald Hale (sent by wireless as Reg. Hale).

Steerage passengers – Mary Mongan, or Mangon (sent by wireless as Mary Manigan); James Farrell, James Kelly, Henry D. Hansen, Mauritz Dahl (sent by wireless as Mauretz Adahl), Leslie Gillinski, Earnest P. Tomlin, Josef Draznovic (sent by wireless as Yosipe Drazenoul), Malkolm Johnnson (sent by wireless as Malcolm Johnson), Neslie Williams (sent by wireless as Leslie Williams).

The officials have not been able to verify the following names:

Mrs. N. McNamee. It is supposed that this is Eileen McNamee, a steerage passenger from Queenstown, Ireland.

There is no Catavelos Vasillos. On the White Star’s list there appears a Thomas Catavelos and a Peter Vasilios. They are not able to determine which of these two has been recovered. The name of William Sage does not appear, but it is thought he was the son of John Sage, named with his family. Both father and son were among the lost. There is no W. Vear (as sent by wireless) on any of the lists. This is believed to be W. J. Ware, a second class passenger. There is no Mrs. A. Robins among the bookings, but Charity Robins, a third class passenger, appears. She, it is thought by the White Star officials, is the wife of Alexander Robins, who was booked in the steerage. The White Star line lists have no records of H. Greenberg (as sent by wireless), but the name of Samuel Greenberg is on the list of second class passengers.

The following names of identified dead, as received by wireless, are not on the passenger lists of the steamship company: W. Marriott, George Rosenshire, H. W. Ashe, Nihilechedid, R. Ratt, A. Hayter, Jerry Morrez and Steward No. 26.

All doubt that the name of N. E. Coles Rasher, as received by wireless by the White Star line was really that of Colonel John Jacob Astor, was dispelled this morning, when the wife of Nicholas Nasser told the officials that N. E. Coles Rasher must be her husband. The steamship officials think also that it is Nasser, and not Astor, as the name Nasser is on their lists.

The Mackay-Bennett cable ship will remain near the scene of disaster until it has recovered, if possible, one hundred bodies. Up to the present time seventy-seven have been taken out of the sea, forty-two of which have been identified, and thirty-five unidentified. It is thought the ship will endeavor to arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Friday.

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