Titanic II Model testing marks new milestone

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An important stage has been reached in Australian Clive Palmer's ambitious and controversial plan to create a Titanic replica.  

A wooden scale model of the Titanic II's hull has been tested at a basin in Hamburg.

Titanic II Model

The tests which took place under the auspices of the German hydrodynamic service at Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) sought to asses the hull's response under different propulsion and power scenarios taking place over four days between 9th and 12th September 2013.

In a press statement Mr Palmer said “The model testing by HSVA, including resistance and open water tests, is an important part of the process in the Titanic II project.  The Titanic II model was tested by HSVA at speeds of up to 23 knots and this testing is crucial for assessing the speed and power performance of this prototype vessel design."

According to HSVA Director of Resistance and Propulsion, Dr Uwe Hollenbach “The speed and power performance model testing is one of the critical aspects for a prototype vessel and needs to be verified before a construction contract is completed."

The results of the tests will not be known for some time but Titanic II is scheduled to enter service in 2016.  While the Titanic was built at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Titanic II will be construct at a shipyard in China.

Titanic II Model Launch

Titanic II will follow the same route as the original White Star Line's Titanic and, if previous statements hold true will be a faithful replica of the original.  Some critics have noted the intention to create a modern deck featuring a casino and other innovations that were not present on the original ship as well as the obvious need to include modern lifeboats in addition to replica's of the original lifeboats. 

The Titanic II project was announced during a press briefing held at the Ritz Hotel in April, at which Clive Palmer described the Titanic as the 'Ship of Peace'.

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