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Wants $25,000 for Lost Jewels---Mrs. Astor Saved Him
[By Telegraph to The Tribune]
Philadelphia, Aug. 2--- Hadne Mamee, a cabin passenger saved from the
Titanic, to-day sued the White Star Line for $25,000, the value he places on
jewels he was bringing to this country. To his attorney, Howard M. Long, he
said that Mrs. John Jacob Astor had saved him.

According to the story of Mamee, who is a Syrian, as told by his attorney
to-day, Mamee plunged through the line of remonstrating men and into the
same lifeboat as Mrs. Astor when it was learned that the Titanic was

Mrs. Astor had just taken her seat in the lifeboat when Mamee jumped in. The
men tried to pull him from the boat, but Mrs. Astor, said Mamee's attorney,
interceded for him, and when the men persisted in their efforts to take him
from the boat she had him under her wraps, so that the men could not reach

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