Titanic Passengers and Crew Born in Jersey

We found 8 people.

Name Age Class/Dept Ticket Joined Job Boat [Body]
20 Victualling Crew
Southampton Saloon Steward
46 1st Class Passenger
£247 10s 6d
Cherbourg Personal Maid 4
17 2nd Class Passenger 14885
£10 10s
Photograph of Bertha Ilett
27 Deck Crew
Belfast Quartermaster 5
27 Deck Crew
Southampton Able Seaman 12
Photograph of John Thomas Poingdestre
38 Victualling Crew
Belfast Boots steward (1st class)
Photograph of William Henry Rattenbury
28 Victualling Crew
Southampton Steward
Photograph of Thomas Ryan
32 Deck Crew
Southampton Able Seaman 13
Photograph of Philip Francis Vigott

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