Titanic Passengers and Crew Born in Lancashire

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We found 24 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
29 Engineering Crew
40 3rd Class Passenger
Photograph of William Alfred Brocklebank
41 Victualling Crew
35 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Clear Annie Cameron
33 Engineering Crew
49 Engineering Crew
39 Engineering Crew
29 Engineering Crew
Photograph of Hugh Joseph Fitzpatrick
25 Victualling Crew
63 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Benjamin Howard
31 Victualling Crew
43 Engineering Crew
55 Victualling Crew
Photograph of Andrew Latimer
45 Victualling Crew
Photograph of Charles Lydiatt
38 Engineering Crew
62 3rd Class Passenger
Photograph of Marian Meanwell
42 Engineering Crew
29 1st Class Passenger
H&W Guarantee Group
Photograph of William Henry Marsh Parr
28 Victualling Crew
Photograph of John Downing Smillie
59 3rd Class Passenger
35 Victualling Crew
Photograph of Thomas Moore Teuton
25 Victualling Crew
41 Victualling Crew
31 Victualling Crew
Photograph of James William Cheetham Witter

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