Titanic Passengers and Crew Born in Yorkshire

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We found 15 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
47 1st Class Passenger
Photograph of Algernon Henry Barkworth
31 Victualling Crew
61 1st Class Passenger
Photograph of Elizabeth Bonnell
36 1st Class Passenger
Photograph of Tyrell William Cavendish
39 Deck Crew
38 2nd Class Passenger
H&W Guarantee Group
Photograph of Anthony Wood Frost
29 Deck Crew
Photograph of George Alfred Hogg
43 Victualling Crew
Photograph of Charles William Hogg
31 Victualling Crew
34 Victualling Crew
44 1st Class Passenger
Cross Channel Passenger
25 Victualling Crew
58 2nd Class Passenger
31 Engineering Crew
Photograph of Harry Senior
43 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)

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