Titanic Passengers and Crew Buried in St Marys Extra Cemetery Southampton

We found 11 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
35  (41) Deck Crew
Photograph of Ernest Edward Archer
15  (100) 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Edith Eileen Brown
29  (62) Engineering Crew
Photograph of Albert Ernest Fryer
51 Deck Crew
Titanic Officers
Photograph of Herbert James Haddock
40  (75) Victualling Crew
23  (76) Engineering Crew
Photograph of Walter Hurst
Carpathia Crew
Photograph of Arthur King
46  (79) Victualling Crew
30  (79) Engineering Crew
Photograph of Henry Noss
41  (72) Engineering Crew
27  (53) Deck Crew
Photograph of Frank Osman

* Lifeboat placement tentative but supported by some documentary evidence, see each biography and Notes on the Lifeboat Lists.

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