Titanic Passengers and Crew Living in Liverpool

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We found 27 people.

Name Age Class/Dept Ticket Joined Job Boat [Body]
41 Victualling Crew
Southampton Glory hole steward (3rd class) [34]
Photograph of Henry Wellesley Ashe
31 Victualling Crew
Southampton Lift Steward [251]
28 2nd Class Passenger
Southampton Musician [202]
Photograph of John Frederick Preston Clarke
32 3rd Class Passenger 386525
£16 2s
Southampton Blacksmith
34 3rd Class Passenger 386525
£16 2s
Southampton 16
Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Davison
31 2nd Class Passenger 2926
Southampton [286]
39 1st Class Passenger
Southampton Servant
36 2nd Class Passenger 239865
Southampton Rubber Merchant [322]
Photograph of Joseph J. Fynney
19 2nd Class Passenger 239865
Southampton Cooper
33 Engineering Crew
Belfast Second Engineer (refrigeration)
Photograph of John Henry Hesketh
37 Victualling Crew
Belfast Bed Room Steward (1st class) [168]
43 Victualling Crew
Southampton 1st Class Bedroom Steward
28 Victualling Crew
Belfast Reception Steward
49 1st Class Passenger 112058
Southampton Shipowner C
Photograph of Joseph Bruce Ismay
34 Deck Crew
Southampton Able Seaman 8
Photograph of Thomas William Jones
55 Victualling Crew
Belfast Chief Steward
Photograph of Andrew Latimer
50 Victualling Crew
Southampton Stewardess
38 Engineering Crew
Southampton Greaser
45 Engineering Crew
Belfast Greaser
41 Victualling Crew
Belfast Bed Room Steward [93]
52 1st Class Passenger
Belfast Shipowner
28 2nd Class Passenger 244361
41 Victualling Crew
Southampton Kitchen Porter
59 3rd Class Passenger 370160
Southampton Seaman [261]
35 Engineering Crew
Southampton Fireman A
Photograph of John William Thompson
44 Engineering Crew
Southampton Leading Fireman
Photograph of Thomas Threlfall
42 Victualling Crew
Southampton Storekeeper (1st Class)

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