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Titanic Passengers from County Mayo, Ireland and their Relationships

by a great-nephew of Anna Katherine Kelly

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Fourteen passengers boarded the RMS Titanic on Thursday, April 11, 1912 in Queenstown, County Cork for New York City. They were all from the Lahardane area of County Mayo. It also appears that many of them were related, some closely, some more distantly. There is much in common with the maiden names of the mothers of many of these people traveling together and from the same area in County Mayo. The maiden names of the mothers of the survivors and deceased include the same names as the people who boarded the Titanic that day, such as:

Surname Titanic Passengers Associated With The Surname
Kelly Anna Katherine Kelly Patrick Canavan
Mayock Annie Kate Kelly (through her grandmother) Katherine McGowan Anna McGowan (through her grandmother)
Canavan Patrick Canavan, Mary Canavan James Flynn
Flynn James Flynn Mary Canavan
McGowan Katherine McGowan Anna McGowan Catherine McHugh Bourke Bridget Delia McDermott (through her aunt)
McDermott Bridget Delia McDermott
Bourke John Bourke Catherine McHugh Bourke Mary Bourke Mary Mangan

The duplications of names is interesting, as it highlights the inter relationships of the community in County Mayo.

  • John and Catherine McHugh Bourke were husband and wife married January 17, 1911. Mary Bourke was John’s sister. On April 14, 1912, the day the RMS Titanic sunk, John and Catherine Bourke had been married a little under 15 months. Catherine McHugh Bourke was related to Katherine McGowan as Catherine’s mother or grandmother was a McGowan.
  • Katherine McGowan was related to Annie Kate Kelly. As far as can be determined, it was probably through her maternal grandmother Bridget Mayock who may have been a sister of Annie Kate’s Mayock grandmother. Anna McGowan must have also been distantly related to the Kelly’s.
  • Mary Canavan and Patrick Canavan were first cousins.
  • Patrick Canavan was also a cousin (possibly a second cousin on the Kelly side) to Annie Kate, as Patrick’s mother was Bridget Kelly, possibly a cousin of Annie Kate’s father John Kelly. Patrick Canavan was born in September 1890. Annie Kate was born January 17, 1892, making Patrick a little over a year older than Annie Kate and the cousin she looked up at standing at the railing of the Titanic as she was lowered in the lifeboat.
  • Mary Mangan may have been related to the Bourke’s, as her mother was Bridget Bourke.
  • James Flynn was related to the Kelly’s and the Canavan’s. His mother was Ann Canavan. How he was related to Annie Kate Kelly is not clear.

A summary of information on the fourteen passengers from Lahardane, County Mayo, Ireland.

Lahardane, County Mayo Passengers Traveling Together on the RMS Titanic
Name Age Saved Born Class Relationships
Bourke, Mary 41 No Carrowskehine, County Mayo 3rd Sister of John Bourke Sister-in-law to Catherine Bourke
Bourke, John 43 No Carrowskehine, County Mayo 3rd Husband of Catherine Bourke Brother of Mary Bourke
Bourke, Catherine McHugh 32 No Tawnagh, County Mayo 3rd Wife of John Bourke
Canavan, Patrick 21 No Knockmaria, Lahardane, County Mayo 3rd 1st Cousin of Mary Canavan Cousin of Anna Katherine Kelly
Canavan, Mary 21 No Tonacrick, Lahardane, County Mayo 3rd 1st Cousin of Patrick Canavan
Donohoe, Bridget 21 No Cum, Lahardane, County Mayo 3rd
Fleming, Honora 24 No Lahardane, County Mayo 3rd
Flynn, James 28 No Cuilkillew, County Mayo 3rd Related to the Kelly’s Related to the Canavan’s
Kelly, Anna Katherine 20 Yes Cuilmullagh, County Mayo 3rd 1st Cousin of Patrick Canavan Cousin of James Flynn
Mahon, Delia 20 No Derrymartin, County Mayo 3rd
Mangan, Mary 32 No Carrowskehine, County Mayo 3rd
McDermott, Bridget Delia 31 Yes Lahardane, County Mayo 3rd
McGowan, Ann 14 Yes Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA 3rd Niece of Katherine McGowan
McGowan, Katherine 42 No Lahardane, County Mayo 3rd Aunt of Anna McGowan Related to the Kelly’s

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  1. tom (66)

    tom (66) said:

    For those interested in the make-up of the so-called "Burke Party," the members are listed here---this is based on Chicago news items . . . __________Mr. and Mrs. John Burke (Katie McHugh)---"from the farming country around Crossmolina").Miss Mary Burke---sister of JohnMiss Katie McGowan---"great friend" of Katie BurkeMiss Annie McGowan---niece of Katie McGowanMiss Annie Kelly---of Castlebar, "a large town not far from Crossmolina"---aged 18Patrick Canavan---about 18; cousin of Miss KellyMiss Mary Mannion---"came along--she had a brother in Chicago."The Flynn boy and girl---Patrick (the Flynn "lada,"), and MaryThe O'Donohue lassMahan's daughterThe Driscoll girl, andMiss Nora Fleming andMiss Mary Glynn ________________________________Apparently, of those listed here, only four survived---the Misses Kelly, A. McGowan, Mannion and Glynn . . . some lists show a Nora Hemming---that's Nora Fleming . . .

  2. Michael Molloy (ATS PRO)

    Michael Molloy (ATS PRO) said:

    Tom The three survivors were Annie Kate Kelly, Annie McGowan and Delia McDermott. The 11 who perished is also not an accurate list, refer to the website. Hope this helps.

  3. Barb M

    Barb M said:

    John Your great aunt, Sister Patrick Joseph was my 6th grade teacher at Visitation School in Elmhurst, IL. She was a doll, I'l love to chat about her sometime.

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