Penzance party on Titanic bound for Akron

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The party of seven adults and four young children from Penzance were all bound to Akron. Mr. George Hocking, his mother (Mrs. Guy), who is a widow, and his sister, Miss Hocking, were of St Mary-street, and with them were Mrs. Emily Richards, of Newlyn, another daughter of Mrs. Guy, and who with her two young children, were going to join her husband in Akron. Mr. Percy Baily, another of the party, was eighteen years of age, and the son of Mr. J. Bailey, 25, Gwavas-street. He was going to a friend of his father's in Akron. He had booked to travel by the Oceanic, but transferred to the Titanic because his friends had booked by that boat. Mr. Harry Cotterell who had just completed his apprenticeship with a Penzance builder, lived with his mother, a widow, of Adelaide-street. Other members of the party were Mrs. A. D. Wells and her two little children, of Nevada-place, Heamoor. Mrs. Wells, whose maiden name is Trevaskis belonged to Newlyn and was travelling out to join her husband who is working at Akron.

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