RMS Titanic in Profile

Artwork by Michael C. Brady

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    Michael C Brady said:

    Hello ET In time, and to celebrate the 2012 anniversary of Titanic's foundering, I completed a far more detailed and accurate profile (Which can be downloaded in full here;... Read full post

  2. Harland Duzen said:

    Hello Michael, Welcome to ET! Also by coincidence, I came across your website a day or two beforehand and your artwork is brilliant! :)

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    Michael C Brady said:

    Hi Harland! That's a funny coincidence! Thanks very much for your kind words too, doing this kind of work can be labour-intensive but it is good fun learning new things in the process. :) ~Mike

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    Dan Kappes said:

    Hey, Mike, can you post a photo of you standing next to the poster so I can see how big it is?

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    Michael C Brady said:

    Hi Dan! Here's a small graphic showing you the size. 1300mm (51') overall. (This isn't me btw :D) ¬Mike

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    Alfredhpg said:

    Hello! I want to buy one print but the webpage says I dont have permission to buy it. Does anyone knows why???? Thank you!

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    Alfredhpg said:

    Hello! Im interested in purchasing the waterline profile print but the buy button says I dont have permission to purchase. I figured out that I cant actually buy anything except the deck plans. Am I missing something ?? Thanks in advance! Regards. Alfred

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    Alfredhpg said:

    I have not. But Im heading there right now. Thank you!!

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    tukanpilot said:

    Michael, I purchased your poster and was wondering when II might receive it?

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    Michael C Brady said:

    Hi Jeff, Thanks so much for your support and purchasing one of our artworks! I have emailed you an update. :) Best, ~Mike

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    tukanpilot said:

    I still haven't received.

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    Gerhard Schreurs said:

    Marvellous artwork! Mr. Brady seems to be one of the believers in the "3-blade central/turbine driven propeller" option. So am i.

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