Titanic Relief Fund Minutes Liverpool Committee (Morgan)

C. 523 Bird (or Morgan).
In accordance with the resolution of this Committee of the 21st April, 1914, the Hon. Secretary submitted Dr. Oldershaw's report upon the case of Mrs. Margaret Bird (Widow).
That it be recommended that Mrs. Margaret Bird's allowance as included in this Committee's requisition for the quarter ending 30th Sept. 1914, be made permanent and that as from the 1st July, 1914 the Widow's allowance be paid at the rate of 12/- week the balance of 7/6d per week together with arrears as from the 1st January, 1913 of £40 10/- to be paid to the credit of a special account at the bank, in the widows favour, to be used at some future date for her benefit, further that the sum of £5, out of the compassionate grant, be remitted to Dr. J. Oldershaw at the end of July next, for the purpose of providing the children with proper clothing.

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