Titanic Relief Fund Minutes : Liverpool Committee : Wilde

C.23. Wilde.

Read letter dated 28th May, 1914, received from Mr. O. Jones Williams (one of the Guardians of the children of the late Chief Officer Wilde). The Hon. Secretary reported that he had requested Mr. Williams to attend at the Town Hall on this date and asked the Committee to grant him an interview. The Committee after interviewing Mr. O. Jones Williams,


That in addition to the recommendations of the Liverpool Area Committee of the 27th December, 1912, it be recommended that an additional sum of five guineas (£5 5/-) per year, as from the 1st July, 1914, for three years, be paid to the Guardian of the children of the late Chief Officer Wilde (Mr. O. Jones Williams), toward the cost of their education, the amounts to be charged to the apprenticeship grant and payable quarterly on the 1st day of each quarter. Further consideration of the case to be given at the expiration of the three years.

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