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Titanic Sailor Saved by Mount Temple Lifeboat

Chicago American

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The Canadian Pacific steamship Mount Temple, en route from Antwerp to Boston, was so close to the sinking Titanic on the night of the disaster that the passengers heard the creaking of the chains as lifeboats were lowered, heard the cries of passengers and the great commotion on her decks.

This was the statement made here to-day by John Mlynarczyk and his daughter, Nellie, who were on the Mount Temple, en route out from Antwerp to this city.

Mlynarczyk and his daughter both declared that on Monday, the morning after the Titanic struck the iceberg, three lifeboats from the MountTemple were lowered and one man, a Titanic sailor, was picked up and taken aboard the ship. The ship docked at Boston, and what became of the sailor they said they did not know.

“The Titanic passed us late on Sunday night, April 14,” Mlynarczyk says. “She was going at a good rate of speed. We could see her lights far away.

“I think it was about 2 o’clock in the morning that we heard coming over the water the noise of lowering boats and the cries of people. The ocean in that vicinity was full of icebergs. Later we could not see the lights of the Titanic.

“The next morning three lifeboats from our boat were lowered and when they came back they brought one of the Titanic’s sailors. We were not allowed out of the steerage, so what went on up above I don’t know.

“Our boat stayed around in the vicinity of where the Titanic went down all morning, looking for bodies, but we could not find any more. There were several icebergs on both sides of the boat pretty nearly all the time.”

Chicago American, Thursday, April 25, 1912, p. 2, c. 2:


Thomas E. Golembiewski


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