The single funnel liner Mesaba was among the vessels that sent ice warnings to the Titanic. At 7.50 p.m. the wireless operator Stanley Adams sent the following message:

To Titanic
In Lat. 42 N. to 41.25 Lond 49 W to Long
- 50.30 W saw much heavy pack ice and
great number large icebergs also
field ice. Weather good, clear

The message was received at 9.40 p.m., by which time second operator Harold Bride had gone to bed and Jack Phillips was alone at the key. Perhaps it was for this reason that the message was never relayed to the bridge.

The Mesaba was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine during World War One.

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Titanic Crew whose current ship was the Mesaba: 1
Crew whose previous ship was the Mesaba: 0

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