Titanic Commutator Vol. 27 No. 163 2003

Titanic Commutator Vol. 27 No. 163 2003

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Titanic Commutator Vol. 27 No. 163 2003


Excellent condition, packed with beautiful pictures and fascinating articles

Featuring articles about the Ghosts of the Abyss Titanic film made by James Cameron, written by Ken Marschall

Ghosts of the Abyss Outtakes Vol 1

Vol 27: Contents

Planning sessions, launchings and recovery is
Exterior views, then and now
The gymnasium
Archival photographs of boat deck in 3-D
The Marconi them and the silent
The reception them and stained glass windows
Bronze grilled doors on the deck
First class entrance, D deck port side
And unknown victim of the Titanic disaster is finally identified
White Star flag at the main mast
The last liners of the White Star line

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