Mrs Wiseman, Quebec, Seeks $50,000

Mrs Wiseman, Quebec, Seeks $50,000.

Loss of Husband's Life Laid to Company's Negligence,

Relies on Lord Campbell's Act for Right to Sue.

A suit for $50,000 against the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company for the loss of the life of Phillipe Wiseman on the steamship Titanic April 15, 1912, was brought in the Superior Court yesterday by his widow. Mrs Marie Wiseman of Quebec, for the benefit of her self and six children.

The plaintiff alleges negligence in providing lifeboats, life rafts and other means of life preservation; failed to equip its lookouts and watchmen with night glasses, so they were unable to see the iceberg, which the steamship struck, in time to prevent the collision; and failed to furnish sufficient trained employees to man the lifeboats or rafts.

She alleges the officers failed to take the precaution of reducing the speed of the steamship and increasing the number of lookouts and watchmen, although having knowledge that the steamship was in or near the "iceberg zone" which has a definite location according to thee season of the year.

The declaration sets out that J. Bruce l-smay, managing director of the steamship line, was on board and virtually If not nominally in charge. She says the defendant through Ismay and its officers had been warned by wireless messages from other vessels of large icebergs in the path of the ship and it failed to decrease the speed to a point of safety.

Under a statute known as Lord Campbell's act. the plaintiff claims the right to sue in the courts in this State.

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