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Worst Experience of Night of Horrors Was When She Was Unmercifully Parted From Sweetheart and Brother

Entirely unnerved by the strain she has gone through during the last few days Miss Dagmar Bryhl, one of the 705 passengers who survived the sinking of the White Star liner Titanic arrived in Rockford yesterday morning in company with her uncle, Oscar Lustig, who had gone to New York to meet her.

No callers were allowed to see the young woman at the Lustig home in 511 Pearl street, as the family feels that nothing should be said that will remind her of the horrors of the night on the Atlantic, when she lost her sweetheart, Ingvar Enander, and her brother Kurt Bryhl. She was resting when a reporter for The Star called in the afternoon.

Miss Bryhl will remain in Rockford probably a month before she returns to her parents in Skara, Sweden. The father, Gottfrid Lustig, has telegraphed his brother requesting that he send her home as soon as she is able to travel.

Dr. C.V. Nyman was called to the home last night to ascertain what effect the nervous strain has had upon the system of the young woman. What she needs is rest and nourishing food. This she will receive, in plenty at her uncle's home.

Miss Bryhl is a talented woman having received a thorough schooling in her home town. She speaks English, French and German. Her sweetheart, Ingvar Enander, who went down with the Titanic had a good education and intended to stay in this country some time and study practical agriculture as taught here. His brother Einar Enander is a lieutenant in the Swedish army.

Miss Bryhl has been very reticent in speaking about the occurrences of the terrible night when the Titanic sank, but what she told shows fully the horrors the passengers experienced.

The worst shock she experienced was when she had set foot in the lifeboat which was to take her to safety. Her brother and sweetheart were at her side at that moment. Before the boat was lowered she held the hands of her be loved and implored the crew in charge of that lifeboat to let her sweetheart follow her. They readily tore him away from her side and the boat was let down with only about half of the amount of passengers it could have held.

None of the lifeboats picked up by the Carpathia were filled or even near filled, according to her memory.

A few hours before the steamer struck the iceberg, Miss Bryhl was on deck with her brother and Mr. Enander. It was warm and comfortable and no one thought of spending the night under deck. All of a sudden it grew colder and most of those on deck went down after wraps. A little later it became so cold that most of the people went down. Miss Bryhl said that all the passengers were sure they had reached the iceberg region. She had no sooner retired than she noticed a ______. The jar was not severe but strong enough to indicate that something extraordinary had happened.

She arose and went up on deck. Many others were there when she arrived and they were assured by officers that there was no danger. She went down with the others and retired again. A little later her brother and Mr. Enander knocked at her door and told her to get up instantly as in their mind there was grave danger at hand, the statements of the officers to the contrary. She threw a wrap over her nightgown and went upstairs again. This time to be shoved into a lifeboat shortly afterwards. In this boat and in her insufficient clothing she spent seven hours before the boat was picked up by the Carpathia.

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