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W. E. Carter, Thrown in Bryn Mawr Polo Game, Lands on His Head
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PHILADELPHIA, Penn., June 5---William E. Carter, who pulled an oar in Ismay's boat in the escape from the Titanic disaster, had a narrow escape from death to-day on the polo field at Bryn Mawr. He is now in the Bryn Mawr Hospital swathed in bandages, suffering from shock and possibly concussion of the brain.

Mr. Carter was playing in the forward position of the Bryn Mawr benedict team in the match with the Philadelphia Country Club quartet for the Goughacres Cup presented by Mrs. B. Frank Clyde. His skillful riding off in the first three periods of the game was one of the features of the play. After three minutes had expired of the fourth period, Mr. Carter made a desperate effort to ride E. Lowber Stokes off the ball. He turned his pony too quickly. The little thoroughbred's forelegs buckled and both rider and pony went down.

Mr. Carter landed on his shoulder and the side of his head. The pony rolled completely over him, regained its feet, and galloped off to the paddock. The members of both teams quickly dismounted and rushed to Mr. Carter's assistance. Three physicians worked over him for twenty minutes, and at the first sign of regaining consciousness he was hurried to the hospital. No bones were broken.

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