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Wife of Former Washington Man Will Visit Relatives In Washington
Mrs. William Beard Silvey, of Duluth, Minn., one of the survivors of the Titanic, comes to Washington tomorrow night and will, for several days, be the guest of her mother-in-law, Mrs. William B. Silvey, and daughter, Mrs. Frances Silvey Deshler, at the Wilmington apartments in Wyoming avenue northwest. It is believed the Duluth woman’s husband, William Beard Silvey, a former Washingtonian, perished with the 1,5000 [sic] who went down with the ship.

Mr. and Mrs. Silvey were returning to America from their first trip abroad. They were counting on stopping in Washington several days before returning to the West. Mrs. Deshler went to New York Thursday and met her sister-in-law when the rescue ship Carpathia came into port. Mrs. Silvey, besides suffering from cold, received an injury to one of her ankles.

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