Titanic Survivor

Buda Plain Dealer

Edward Dorking, the young man from Oglesby who survived the terrible experiences of the "Titanic" disaster, will speak in Opera Hall in Buda, Saturday evening May 18. He gave his first address in Princeton, where it was heard with intense interest, for the young man recalls vividly the details of the great calamity which startled the world. The tale at first-hand is thrilling and, with the personal touch the speaker gives it, is sure to hold close attention from start to finish. Though the young man has no particular liking for speaking from the stage, he realizes that this is the best way at present to earn some money to recompense him for the loss of all of his personal effects which went down with the ill-fated liner. Hence he plans to tour Illinois anbd speak in many of the towns.
In addition to the adddress, be two reels of moving pictures by the local entertainment company. Admission, 10 and 15c.

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