Mrs Hannah Abelson

Mrs Samuel Abelson (Hannah ?) 1 together with her husband Samuel Abelson bought ticket number P/PP 3381 for £24. Their destination was New York, where a brother of Mr Abelson lived. On their way to America they stayed at Paris, where a brother of Mrs Abelson lived in Rue Marcadet 68.

They boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg. Mrs Abelson was rescued in lifeboat 10. Mr Abelson died in the sinking.

After her rescue, as the Carpathia steamed to New York, Mrs Abelson attempted to send a Marconigram to the address of her brother in Paris. The message, however was never transmitted, because the operators could not cope with the number of telegrams:

Jacobson rue Marcadet 68 Paris
Sauvé - Carpathia (Saved - Carpathia)

Mrs Abelson was helped by the Hebrew Shelter and Emmigrant Aid Society, 229 East Broadway, in New York as the Red Cross noted:

Husband drowned, wife rescued. There are no children. He was a bookkeeper, 30 years of age. His wife, 28 years of age, is an expert dressmaker. She is living with her husband's brother in New York City. The wife suffered temporary disability due to exposure, but is now able to support herself by her trade. The property loss was more than 4,000 dollars. She received from relief sources other than the Red Cross, 1,928.69 dollars (250 dollars)


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  1. It is unclear what Mrs Abelson's name was. It has been suggested that it was Hannah Wizosky, aged 28. Hannah was born in Odessa, Russia the daughter of Mitchel Warshaw and Dianah Jaffe. Hannah Abelson later remarried to Michael Bolton. He died on 8 April 1955 and Anna Bolton (late Abelson, née Wizosky) died in Brooklyn, New York on 22 December 1963 and was buried in New Montefiore Cemetery, New York two days later (Death Certificate).

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