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Agnes Charlotta Sandström

Agnes Charlotta Sandström
Agnes Charlotta Sandström

Mrs Hjalmar Sandström (Agnes Charlotta Bengtsson), 24, was born 8 November 1887 in Lerbäck, Örebro County, Sweden, to Bengt, a well-to-do merchant born 15 June 1849 at Nörregården, Klöxhult, Pjätteryd, Småland (Kalmar County), and Lovisa Mathilda (nee Eriksson; b. 25 August 1857 at Lerbäck) Bengtsson. Her parents had married 31 January 1876. Her brothers and sisters were Agda Maria, b. 3 February 1876, Alma Lovisa, b. 7 March 1877, Hedvig Elisabeth, b. 3 January 1879, Bengt Erik, b. 27 November 1880, Gustaf Valentin, b. 7 April 1882, Edith Ingeborg Mathilda, b. 25 July 1883, Karl Bernard Mauritz, b. 21 September 1885, Sven Birger, b. 19 October 1889, Paul Hjalmar, b. 2 April April 1892, and Carl Vilhelm Tolv, b. 19 December 1897.

She married Hjalmar Leonard Sandström, an ironworker (b. 21 June 1886 at Forserum, Sweden) on 23 November 1909.

Agnes and her husband had been living in the United States since 1908.  In 1912 they resided at 281, Richland Avenue, San Francisco, California 

They had two daughters Margit (Marguerite) and Beatrice.

Agnes Sandström and her daughters had been visiting her parents in Hultsjö and some friends in Forserum. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton as third class passengers. They joined a group of Swedish passengers led by Thure Edvin Lundström.

On the Titanic she and the children shared a cabin with Elna and Selma Ström. She told later that she did not believe it was real, when she was woken by a steward after the collision but she had gone up to the boat deck. The Ström family followed Agnes and her children but in the confusion on the aft well deck ladder she lost sight of the Ströms and never saw them again. She stepped with her children into lifeboat 13.

In New York they were sent to St. Vincent Hospital and continued their journey about a week later. She passed Chicago on 30 April. The Sandström family moved back to Sweden for good in the autumn of 1912.

There were at least three sons born to them after their return to Sweden; Vilhelm Leonard, b. 24 February 1913 at Forserum, Jönköping's County, Bengt Alfred, b. 13 December 1916 at Virserum, Kalmar County, and Lars Magnus, b. 9 September 1924 at Virserum. Mrs. Sandström passed away on 1 December 1985 in Sweden, aged 98. She is buried at Klockrike Kyrkogård, Klockrike, Sweden

Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mrs Agnes Charlotta Sandström (née Bengtsson)
Age: 24 years 5 months and 7 days (Female)
Nationality: Swedish American
Last Residence: in Motala, Sweden
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 9549, £16 14s
Cabin No. G6
Rescued (boat 13)  
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912
Died: Sunday 1st December 1985 aged 98 years
Buried: Klockrike Kyrkogård, Klockrike, Sweden

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  1. Glenna Oleson

    Glenna Oleson said:

    Very informative, I've been looking for a passenger list. Was thrilled to see yours, first, second and third class, plus a crew list. I would like to research more, especially finding three passengers with my maiden name. I know my grandparents came through England from Sweden via ship also. I'd like to get more info about these three. Their names are Mrs. Hjaalmar Sandstrom (Agnes Charlotta Bengtsson), Miss Beatrice Irene Sandstrom, and Mis Marguerite Rut Sandstrom. All three survived. Incredible. Thanks again. Glenna Oleson Brodhead, Wisconsin

  2. Ashley Zucker

    Ashley Zucker said:

    It halps with this asiment that we have to do for my 7th grade classes! My teacher told me about it and it helps soo much! Do you have anymore info on Agnes Sandstrom a 3rd class member of the Titanic? is so please send it to me! Thanks!

  3. Sandra Callaway

    Sandra Callaway said:

    This is my first visit it this site. I didn't expect a biographpy on everyone. I am a descendent of Mrs. Hjalmar Sandstrom and her two daughters who were 3rd class passengers and survived by boarding lifeboat 13. My grandfather was a brother to her husband. I had heard stories as a child about the Titanic and my relatives but didn't pay much attention until the movie came out and I found out the stories I heard were true by researching on the internet. If any of my Swedish relatives out there reads this, I would love to hear from them. Sandra Callaway grandaughter of Anton George... Read full post

  4. Sandra Callaway

    Sandra Callaway said:

    I just typed a message and made a mistake. I am a grandaughter To Anton George Sandstrom, who is a brother to Hjalmar Sandstrom. Please correct my mistake. Thanks, Sandra Callaway.

  5. Andrew Maheux

    Andrew Maheux said:

    Hi, Does anyone know more about this family? They seem interesting. Do any pictures exist of them around Titanic time? Thank You. Andrew Maheux

  6. Andrew Maheux

    Andrew Maheux said:

    Sorry, double post A.M.

  7. Jan C. Nielsen

    Jan C. Nielsen said:

    I have a picture of their house in San Francisco. Some guy reported on this board that he had a copy of an interview with Mrs. Sandstrom. I inquired about it, but never heard any more.

  8. Shelley Dziedzic

    Shelley Dziedzic said:

    Beatrice in New York with Claes Wetterholm who knows all there is about the Scandinavian passengers.

  9. Andrew Maheux

    Andrew Maheux said:

    Thats a nice picture Shelley, Thank you for sharring it with us. A.M.

  10. Arne Mjåland

    Arne Mjåland said:

    I have the obituary about Beatrice Sandstrom from a Swedish newspaper. Andrew and Jan and others contact me on e mail if you want more about Mrs Sandstrom. According to the obituary, the whole family Sandstrom moved back to Sweden in 1912. She lived in Motala at the time of her death.

  11. Shelley Dziedzic

    Shelley Dziedzic said:

    Here is Miss Bea where she belongs! New York 1991

  12. Sandy Callaway

    Sandy Callaway said:

    I'm new at this--please be patient with me. I am a descendant of the Sandstroms and I was surprised to see so many people interested in them. Beatrice and Marguerite Sandstrom were my mother's first cousins. Their father (Hjalmar Sandstrom was a brother to my grandfather, George Anton Sandstrom (who was born in Sweden as Anton George Sandstrom.) I grew up hearing stories of my Swedish relatives and the Titanic but was to young to appreciate the history. My mother was born after the Titanic sank and never knew her cousins. Would love to connect by e-mail with any living Swedish relatives... Read full post

  13. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold said:

    Sandy: If you read Swedish, you will have to find a copy of Claes-Goran Wetterholm's book, "Titanic". He is the gentleman pictured above with Beatrice, and he used to travel often with her to various Titanic exhibits. There were a few Sandstroms living in San Francisco around 1910-1912, but I'm not sure if they were also related to your uncle Hjalmar. I'm in San Francisco this week, and will contact you when I get home this weekend.

  14. Sandy Callaway

    Sandy Callaway said:

    Thank you, Mike, for the information. I don't speak or read Swedish. Grandma certainly spoke enough of it when I was a child. I'd appreciate any information you can give me.

  15. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold said:

    Sandy: Please contact me direct, and I will send what I have.

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