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Albert Sylvanus Hunt 1 was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England on 25 February 1889. He was the son of Isaac Hunt (b. 1853) and Harriet Rusher (1862-1900). His father was from Southampton and his mother from Wiltshire and they had married in Wiltshire in 1879. They would have six children: George (b. 1877), Sylvester (b. 1887), Rose (b. 1894), James (b. 1896), Thomas (b. 1884) and Albert Sylvanus.

Albert first appears on the 1891 census (listed as Sylvanus) living at 27 Queen Street, St Mary Southampton, and on the 1901 census the family are listed at 3 Castle Court, Southampton.

Albert was married in Southampton in late 1909 to Elizabeth Ellen Hebb (b. in Southampton on November 16, 1890) who was the sister of Titanic survivor William Albert Hebb. 

Albert Hunt and William Hebb
Albert Hunt and William Hebb (back row)

On the 1911 census Albert was absent, presumably at sea. His wife is listed as living with her parents at 5 Brewhouse Court, French Street, Southampton, described as a general servant and peculiarly is listed as unmarried and is using her maiden name. The couple had their first child, Alfred William, on April 10, 1910 although the child is unlisted on the census. 

Albert and Elizabeth had twelve2 children in total: Alfred William (1910-1988) Thomas (b. 1912), Frank James (1913-1983), Rose Harriet (1914-1975), Beatrice Elizabeth (1918-1953), Elsie (b. 1920), George Thomas (1921-2001), Jessie May (1923-2003), Frederick (b. 1925), Gwendoline (1926-1993), Robert Henry (1928-1992) and Evelyn Joan (1929-1989).

When Albert signed on to the Titanic in Southampton on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 1 French Street, Southampton. He had transferred from the Majestic. As a trimmer he received monthly wages of £5 10s. Also serving on the Titanic was his brother Thomas Hunt, a fireman, and his brother-in-law William Albert Hebb.

Hunt survived the sinking in collapsible C. His brother Thomas was lost.

Albert continued to work for White Star, he signed-on to the Oceanic on 10 July 1912.

Albert Hunt, known as Ginger to his friends and family, continued to live in Southampton with his large family. He died on 23 March 1949 and is buried Hollybrook Cemetery in Shirley. His wife passed away in 1977.


  1. He was born was Sylvanus Alfred Hunt. His birth was registered as Sylvanus Hunt. He is listed as Alfred Sylvanus on his marriage record. He apparently preferred to be called Albert as opposed to either Sylvanus or Alfred.
  2. He may have had up to 18 children.

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