Alfred Fernand Omont

Alfred Omont
Alfred Fernand Omont 
(Courtesy of Ioannis Georgiou)

Mr Alfred Fernand Omont, 29, was born 25 September 1882.

A cotton dealer from Havre, France, Omont boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a first-class passenger (Ticket no. F.C. 12998, £25 14s 10d).

On the evening of 14 April Omont was playing auction bridge (a card game), in the Café Parisien, with Pierre Maréchal, Paul Chevré and Lucien Philip Smith when the collision occurred.

Chevré, Marechal and Omont were all rescued in lifeboat 7, they described their rescue in an article that appeared in Le Matin and The Times.

Alfred Omont died on 18 March 1948. 

Alfred is buried in Cimetiere De Vaugirad, Paris, France (Division 9, 1ere Ligne, Ordre 2, Cadastre 2).

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St-Lazare train station, Paris
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  1. Stephen Jones said:

    Can anyone help?, I`m after any info on Alfred Fernand Omont. I know he was a 1st Class passenger,embarked at Cherbourg and he survived the sinking on Boat 7. Pics would be great.

  2. Olivier Mendez said:

    Hi Stephen. Here at the French Titanic Society, we have lots of info on Mr Omont, mainly from his own son, Franí§ois. We will publish a special issue on Fernand Omont in a few months, and will add private pictures along with pictures from various papers. What do you need about him ? I'll see if I can share some info with you. Feel free to contact me ! Olivier

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