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Allen Mardon Baggott was born in Stepney, Middlesex, England on 13 April 1884. He was the son of William Baggott (1847-1908) and Susan Lake (1844-1914). At the time of his baptism on 12 June 1884 in St Thomas' Church, Stepney, his parents were resident at 41 Johnson Street, Stepney and his father was a dock labourer. His father hailed from Suffolk and his mother from Devon and he had two known siblings: Elizabeth Ann (b. 1874), William Henry (b. 1880).

Allen first shows up on the 1901 census and at that time the family were living at 2 New Basin, Shadwell, London. His father passed away in 1908 and his mother went to live with her married daughter Elizabeth Tibbenham. She passed away in Essex in 1914.

Allen was married in Stepney in late 1905 to Hannah Buck (b. 11 November 1883 in Sunderland, Durham). 

On the 1911 census Allen is absent but his wife is resident at 38 St Mary's Place, Southampton. The record indicates that they have had six children in total, with four living past infancy: Nancy Eileen (b. 1905), Robert Allen (1906-1994), William Mardon (1907-1968) and Irene Nancy (b. 1910). A further two children would be born later George (b. 1911) and Bessie (1913-1999).

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 4 April 1912, Allen gave his address as 106 Park Road, Itchen (Southampton). He had previously worked as a Chief Steward but on the Titanic he was employed as a first class steward. As such he received £3 15s monthly wages. His last ship had been the Oceanic. He came aboard the Titanic at 6 a.m. on 10 April.

Baggott was rescued in lifeboat 9.

Allen returned to Southampton and resumed a career at sea, later serving in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the early 1920s on the RFA Perthshire as chief steward. It was during this time that his alcoholism became apparent and he appears on the ship's log on numerous occasions for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. On one such occasion in Constantinople in November 1920 he reported for duty at a British Naval Base whilst inebriated. The base Captain ordered his detention on HMS Heliptope and he was released three days later and returned to the Perthshire.

Arriving in Grand Harbour, Malta several weeks later, Allen Baggott suddenly took ill on 21 February 1921. He died following a seizure whilst en route to the Royal Naval Hospital ashore. He was 36. His widow Hannah relocated to Romford, Essex where she died in 1938.



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