Mrs Amelia Lemore (née Hunt)

Amelia  Lemore

Mrs Amelia Lemore (née Hunt) was born in Southwark, London, England on 18 March 1866 1.

She was the eldest child of James Hunt (b. 1843), an engineer originally from Dorset, and Agnes Williamina Wilson (1840-1919) of Middlesex who had married in London in 1865. The couple had a total of eight children but lost two in infancy; their surviving children, besides Amelia, were: Margaret Frances (b. 1868), Lilian Louisa (b. 1870), Lydia (b. 1874), James Ernest (b. 1878) and George Edward (b. 1880).

Amelia appears on the 1871 census living at Liverpool Street, Newington. The family later moved to 58 Mann Street in the same locale by the time of the 1881 and 1891 census records. Amelia was described as a buttonhole machinist on the latter census. Another shift of address for the 1901 census shows Amelia, still working in a seamstress capacity and still with her family, at an illegible address, still in Newington.

Amelia was married in Camberwell, London in early 1907 to James Henry Lemore (b. 1 May 1876), a medical equipment salesman of African-American descent who was born in Philadelphia. The couple would emigrate later that same year and settle in the USA, initially in Waukesha, Wisconsin where they appear on the 1910 census. They later settled in Chicago.

Amelia, an optometrist's assistant by profession, made a return-trip back to her native England in late 1911, arriving aboard the St Louis on 11 November. Her elderly parents were by then living at 45 Vicarage Road, Camberwell, London and she would stay with them at that address.

For her return to the USA, destination address 2236 Austin Avenue, Chicago, Amelia purchased ticket number CA346260 which cost £10, 10s and she boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger on 10 April 1912. She shared cabin F-33 which three younger women, Amelia Brown, Selina Cook and Elizabeth Nye.

Amelia survived the sinking, possibly in lifeboat 14. She later made insurance claims (B150 and 217) for $3174.50c and $3214 respectively.

Amelia remained living in Chicago and she and her husband are believed to have become estranged from each other. Amelia continued to work for an optician and would make several trips back to Britain in following years. She later resettled permanently in London, living at various addresses during the 1940s. Her last address was 97 Magdelen Road in Wandsworth and she died there on 15 May 1950 aged 84.




Amelia Lemore


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  1. Mrs Lemore frequently gave misleading ages. A birthdate frequently cited is 18 March 1873 but other ages she gave over the years would suggest other birthdates. She gave her age as 34 when she joined Titanic but was 38 when she appeared on the 1910 census. Her birth was registered in 1866 and her baptism took place in June of that year.

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