Amy Frances Christy Jacobsohn

Mrs Sydney Samuel Jacobsohn was born as Amy Frances Cohen in Lewisham, Kent, England on 8 April 1888.

She was the daughter of Moreno Cohen (b. 1856) and Alice Frances Jones (b. 1860). Her mother hailed from Woolwich, Kent and worked as a psychiatric nurse before she was married in 1885. Little is known about her father, except that he was likely Jewish, and he died in 1890. She had two siblings: Jaques Moise (b. 1885), and Juli Rachel (b. 1887).

Amy first appears on the 1891 census living with her mother, siblings and uncle Walter Jones at 206 Albany Road, Peckham, London and her mother was described as a grocer. Later to support the family Amy's mother continued to work as a nurse and, perhaps unable to care adequately for them, had them put into care; the 1901 census shows Amy and her sister as inmates at an infant orphan asylum in Wanstead, Essex. Her mother was remarried in 1902 to Frederick Alexander Christy (b. 1846), an importer of textile spinning machines, but he died less than a year later. Amy and her sister adopted the name Christy as their own.

She was married in London on 28 August 1910 to Sydney Samuel Jacobsohn, a South African-born lawyer, and the two honeymooned in Torquay. There Sydney drew up his will and had it witnessed by a Mr and Mrs Wright. The couple settled in London at 7 Pembridge Square and they appeared on the 1911 census as visitors at the Hotel Inverness, Inverness Terrace, 11 Gumleigh Road, Ealing. Sydney was described as a colonial lawyer. The couple went on to have a child, a daughter, who died at birth.

Amy and her husband boarded the Titanic at Southampton on 10 April 1912 as second class passengers (ticket number 243847 which cost £27) and they were journeying to Montréal, Québec. Travelling with them was Amy's sister Rachel Juli and their widowed mother Alice Frances Christy.

Whilst the three ladies survived, Sydney Jacobsohn died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.  His wife sent the following telegram:

55 No 13/13, 18 Apr., pretix S, words 16, charges 1.14.0 1/2; sent to MSC by H.C. 6.5 a.m.
Jacobsohn 34 Anson Road Cricklewood London
Dont be alarmed Sydney may be on another boat

On her return to London Amy commenced legal proceedings (July 1912) to ensure Sydney's estate passed to her. Her lawyers managed to trace Mr and Mrs Wright who gave evidence that they had read the will (rather unusual) and that everything (£4017, 1s, 7d) had been left to Amy. Sydney's brother who lived in Anson Road, Cricklewood waived all claims which he might have had to the estate. Accordingly it passed to Amy with the judge commenting that if the will was recovered in the future it must be produced in court. The estate was settled on 7 October 1912.

Amy was later remarried, becoming Mrs William Fenwick, and had two children: Ann and Douglas. She later lived in Nairobi, Kenya before returning to England for a while. Following a period of ill health she returned to Nairobi and spent her last days in the Maia Carberry Nursing home there. She died on 9 July 1947.

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Daily Chronicle (23 July 1912) Last Will & Testament Lost on Titanic
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