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Annie Kelly

Miss Anna Katherine ("Annie Katie") Kelly , 21, was born on 4 February 1892 in Cuilmullagh, Co Mayo, Ireland; the daughter of John Kelly and Ellen Flaherty. She was travelling from Cuilmullagh to Chicago, Illinois to join her cousins, Anna and Mary Garvey, who lived at 303 Eugenie Street. Anna boarded the Titanic at Queenstown as a third class passenger (ticket number 9234, £7 15s). She joined a group of passengers leaving Co Mayo, led by Katherine McGowan.

Kelly said that the stewards did not wake the steerage passengers in time the night of the collision. Those third-class passengers who became alarmed and went up on deck were told to go back as there was no danger. Annie was saved in lifeboat 16 after, she claimed, the Bourkes vacated and made room for her to enter. Later, she was haunted by the "wild scenes on the boat just before it went down."

Kelly was hospitalized in New York City and later travelled from New York with fellow survivor Anna McGowan. They had been released from the hospital wearing their nightgowns, old shoes someone had given them, and coats. They were met in Chicago by Dr. Mary O'Brien Porter of the Catholic Woman's league protectorate. Dr. O'Brien Porter appealed to the Mayor of Chicago to give some of the funds raised in the city to the two young women.

After the disaster Anna became a nun, and upon ordination assumed the name of Sister Patrick Joseph Kelly. She did return to Ireland to visit her sister, Mrs Agnes Kelly Flanagan of Gortnaden, Crossmolina, Co Mayo.

Sister Patrick Joseph spent most her life after the Titanic teaching in the Chicago, Illinois area although she also spent time in Detroit, Michigan and Des Moines, Iowa.  She retired to the motherhouse in Adrian, Michigan in 1969 and died shortly afterwards.  She is buried in Adrian Dominican Sisters Cemetery, Adrian, Michigan, section Circle two 1961-1976.

Sister Patrick Joseph


Ray (1999) gives her address as Athenry, Co Galway.


Addergoole Titanic Memorial

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  1. Suzanne(Ryder)Caley said:

    I had Sister Patrick Joseph Kelly in 7th grade at St. Mary of Mt. Carmel grade school in Chicago. I have to tell you, she was wonderful, strict, but wonderful. She really cared about us kids and was a good teacher. I know there were kids who didn't like her because she was strict, but, I loved her. She may have been strict, but she was always fair. I graduated from grade school in 1965 and about 2 years later, saw her at one of the school recitals, she hugged me and told me that she remembered me. I told her that I loved her because of her kindness and fairness, she told me that, like all of... Read full post

  2. Guest (629) said:

    did she ever talk about any siblings she had. sorry if its hard to remember, im just following any leads I can for my family tree project. She might be my great great aunt.

  3. Paddy McNeely said:

    Sister Patrick Joseph Kelly was my aunt, my mothers sister.If your question is about her, yes she did have siblings.

  4. Paddy McNeely said:

    I am replying again. Sister Patrick Joseph was my aunt, my mothers sister.If you would like more info, comtact me.

  5. Anne McNeely said:

    Sister Patrick Joseph Kelly was my great aunt. When I was born, my parents named me after her. I only wish I had gotten to know her. Her sister, my grandmother, was the nicest person you could ever meet.

  6. Patti (2341) said:

    Suzanne, Annie Kate was on the Titanic traveling to Chicago to be with her cousins (and mine) Anna and Mary Garvey. Another cousin told me about Annie Kate.

  7. robert (2437) said:

    did anyone call her by the name rose ?

  8. David Kelly said:

    Hi, Patti. She is my (great), Aunt and I could possibly be of some assistance, if you're still looking for information.

  9. Lily (3086) said:

    I don't know."Maybe"

  10. Eric C. said:

    This article on Annie Kelly was very helpful to me as I prepared my own article on Titanic Survivors at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City. My article appeared in the magazine New York Archives (2019) and can be accessed here: .

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