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Annie Martin

Mrs Annie Martha Martin (née Woodland) was born in St Martins, Guernsey, Channel Islands 17 November 1872 the daughter of Alfred William Woodland (1838-1899) and Sarah Saunders (1842-?). Alfred had married Sarah in Netherbury, Dorset on 21 February 1860.  He was a butcher at the time.  They later moved to Guernsey where he continued to work as a butcher for some time but also ran the Half Moon public house in Les Caches Rd, St Martins.  

Her siblings were Bowden Saunders Woodland (1862-1931); Alfred W. Woodland (born 1863); Florence J. Woodland (born 1865); George H. Woodland (born 1878); Frederick C. Woodland (1879-1926); Phoebe Alice Woodland (1880-1951)1.

Annie married in Ireland in 1893 to a soldier (Bugler) named William Henry Martin 2, but it seems likely that the marriage failed early on although there is no indication that they divorced.  By 1912 she was calling herself Mrs Coghlan.3,4

When she signed-on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912 she gave her address as Posbrook Road, Portsmouth, her sister Phoebe's address. Her last ship had been the Olympic. As a stewardess she received monthly wages of £3 10s.

She was rescued in lifeboat 11.


Articles and Stories

Hampshire Post (1912) 


Gaving Bell, UK
Debbie Beavis, UK
Peter Engberg, Sweden
Andrew Williams, UK


  1. In 1894 Phoebe (aged 14) was convicted of attempting to murder their father by poisoning him with tea laced with oxalic acid. At the time the father was separated from his wife and Phoebe was frequently left alone at the bar.  She formed a relationship with a soldier and planned to leave home.  Her father disapproved and gave her a caning which prompted the attack. The tea contained sufficient poison to kill three or four people but he did not consume it having tasted it and found it nauseous.   She was sentenced to two year's imprisonment with hard labour.
  2. Born Bombay 1868, died in Victoria Central Hospital, Wallasey, Cheshire, 19 October 1918 of pneumonia and cardiac failure.
  3. In her death certificate she is described as the widow of William Henry Martin.
  4. An article in the Hampshire Post in 1912 indicated that she went by the name of Mrs Coghlan, but she signed on as Mrs Martin. Her marriage to Coghlan may have been a common law marriage, but so far he has never been traced.  When her death, on 21 November 1936, was reported in the Western Morning News and Daily Gazette her name was given as Coghlan but on the death certificate it is given as Martin. Her sister Mrs Phoebe Alice Humby who registered the death died in 1951.

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