Mrs Antoinette Flegenheim (née Wendt)

Antoinette Flegenheim

Mrs Antoinette Flegenheim (Berta Antonia Maria Wendt)1, 48, was born in Himmelpfort near Berlin, Germany on 11 May 1863. She came to New York City in 1890 and that year married Alfred Flegenheimer. They had no children.

Alfred Flegenheimer died in Manhattan on 23 November 19072.

A wealthy socialite she lived in Manhattan and Berlin-Charlottenburg (Windscheidstr. 41). She travel back and forth between these two cities several times. Mrs Flegenheim boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a first class passenger (ticket number PC 17598, £31, 13s, 8d). She was rescued in lifeboat 7.

On 20 June 1912, she married Paul Elliot White-Hurst in Buffalo, New York. Mr White-Hurst was a British subject.

Both lived in England and during world war one.  Antoinette was living in The Hague, The Netherlands probably divorced from her second husband.

After the war she went to Munich, Germany (Nibelungenstr. 90 – now Arnulfstr. 300).

She died in Frankfurt am Main on 8 April 1943.



Only known portrait of Titanic Survivor Antoinette Flegenheim

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Michael A. Findlay, USA
Phillip Gowan, USA
Michael Poirier, USA
Charles Provost, USA
Gerhard Schmidt-Grillmeier, Germany


1. Her husband's name appears to have been "Flegenheimer" but she generally used the shortened version of the name.
2. His body was placed in a "holding vault" at Salem Fields Cemetery until 21 January 1908 when it was shipped to Germany for burial

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