Antonine Marie Mallet

Antonine Marie Mallet

Mrs Albert Mallet (Antoinine Magnin), 24, was born in Paris, France on 16th December, 1887.

She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as second class passengers together with her husband Albert and her little son André. They had visited relatives in Paris, maybe her mother at 17 Place Maubert, and were on their way back to Montreal, where her husband worked as cognac importer.

Mrs Mallet survived the sinking together with her son. They were rescued by the Carpathia (possibly in lifeboat 10).

Albert Mallet
(Courtesy of Olivier Mendez, France, Association Française du Titanic)

After arriving in New York, she was first sent to St. Vincent's Hospital, then she went to her home at 210 Hutchison Street, Montreal, Canada. In the end she returned to France as soon as possible.

She returned to France and, in 1918, married a Leonivas Rodomanowski.

Antoinine Rodomanowski (late Mallet, née Magnin) died near Paris on 22nd October 1974.


Immigration officers recorded her name as "Antonie".

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Newspaper Articles

Calgary Herald (20 April 1912) Another Added to List of Lost Is Albert Mallet, a Traveller


Antonine Mallet and her son André, May 1912
(1912) Antonine Marie Mallet


Mrs Weisz on the Carpathia
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