Argene Del Carlo

Argene Del Carlo

Mrs Sebastiano del Carlo (Argene Genovesi), 24, was born on 6 November 1887 in Montecarlo, Prov. Lucca, Italy. She was the daughter of Agosto Genovese of Montecarlo.

She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a second class passenger together with her husband Sebastiano del Carlo. To reach their destination California, they bought ticket number SC/PARIS 2167 for £27 14s 5d.

Sebastiano died in the sinking, but Argene was rescued by the Carpathia (in which lifeboat is unknown). In a possibly apocryphal story, when the boat was lowered a baby was given to her, which she held in her custody. It was reported that on the Carpathia the mother of this child wanted to have it back, but an Italian woman (allegedly Argenia del Carlo) claimed it as her own. The story goes that the baby, Philip Aks, had a birthmark which the woman did not know, so she had to hand the baby to its mother Leah Aks. It had been alternatively suggested that the child had been circumcised and that the immigrant woman was unaware of this!

Argenia del Carlo was pregnant at the time of the sinking, her daughter Maria Salvata was born on 14 November 1912.

Mrs Del Carlo's destination, as recorded by the immigration officer, was Chicago however she soon returned to Italy on board the Cretic on 18 May 1912.

She was remarried on 4 April 1935 to Antonio Oreste Casata in Altopascio, Lucca. She died there on 8 October 1970.  She was buried at the Cimitero Comunale in Altopascio.

Argene Genovesi
Argene Genovesi (del Carlo) in 1965
(Courtesy: Salvata del Carlo, Italy / Claudio Mazza, Italy)

Salvata del Carlo was later married (1930s) to Guido Triboli and they had two children Sebastiano (5 in 1941) and Sabatino (1 in 1941).

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Documents and Certificates

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  1. J.BELLO said:

    I have been trying to locate my family on to which is of Italian descent. most of my family here in America has passed away, and I never had I chance to know our family stories. I believe I might be related to Argene Genovesi (Del Carlo. my family comes from Sicily...the Polizzi

  2. Mike Herbold said:

    Where are you located in the USA? Mrs. Del Carlo reportedly had a sister in Fresno, California, but I do not know her married name. Both Argene Genovesi and Sebastiano del Carlo came from northern Italy, however.

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Günter Bäbler, Switzerland
Monica Cortesi
Salvata del Carlo, Altopascio, Italy
Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden
Claudio Mazza, Italy
Hermann Söldner, Germany

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