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Mr Arthur John Bright, 42, was born on 2nd August 1869 at Sherston Magna, Wiltshire, the son of John Bright (1846-1876) and Mathilda Gomm (1847-1822).1

In 1912 he gave his address as 105 Fir Grove Road, Southampton.

Bright was not on duty when the accident occurred he had retired to bed and was asleep. He was awakened by Quartermaster Walter Wynn telling him "The ship's going down by the head." He went to the after end of the ship to relieve his colleague George Rowe. They then phoned the bridge and were ordered to bring up the detonators (distress signals).

Bright assisted Boxhall and Rowe in firing the rockets. After that, he helped uncover and load passengers into the collapsibles, he himself taking command of collapsible D, according to his testimony, Bright remained in that boat until the Carpathia rescued them, although some people in the boat were transferred to lifeboat 14 during the night.

Bright was one of the few who testified that the Titanic 'broke in two' before she sank.

He married Ethel Poulton on 6 April, 1901, they later divorced.  He married Emily Jane Harbut (formerly Shewry - a widow) on 16 February, 1908 (She died he married his third wife Ada Maria Hooper on 15 January, 1910, she also predeceased him.)

Arthur John Bright died in Southampton on 15th October 1955.

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John Bright was from Lyndhurst, Hampshire and Matilda Jemima Gomm was from Sherston Magna, Wiltshire.  Arthur had two sisters: Mary Ann and Rosina Matilda Jane and three half siblings (Fanny, Joseph and Emily) from Mathilda's second marriage to Thomas P Cummings.
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