Miss Aurora Adelia Landergren

Aurora Landergren

Miss Aurora Adelia Landergren was born in Näsgränden, Karlshamn, Blekinge, Sweden on 19 June 1889.

She was the daughter of Axel Mattsson Landergren and Fredrika Karolina Håkansson (b. 1856) and her known siblings were: Oskar Frederick Julius (b. 1876), twins Bertha and Britta (b. 1878), Anny (b. 1879), Anna Christina (b. 1882), Ellen Mathilda (b. 1884), Axelina Victoria (b. 1885) and Axel Lambert (b. 1887).

By 1912 Adelia was still living in Karlshamn with her family but decided to emigrate to New York. She had bought a ticket for the Scandinavia-America Line's Fredrik VIII but on her way to Denmark she happened to travel with John Holm and Mauritz Ådahl. They convinced her to follow them to England instead but none of them were aware that they would be travelling on the Titanic. When they arrived at Southampton they found out that they had been re-booked because of the coal strike. She boarded under ticket number 7077 which cost £7, 5s.

Adelia later told that she had been helped up to deck by Holm and Ådahl during the evacuation. However, reportedly a deeply religious woman, she returned to her cabin for her prayer book, among other small personal items. Upon her return to the upper decks her male friends assisted her into lifeboat 13. They were both lost in the sinking.

Adelia later received $75 from the Red Cross but no damages were paid. She was married in Manhattan on 26 June 1922 to Simon Frederick Johansson (b. 11 July 1890), a Swedish man originally from Vena, Kalmar who reportedly worked as a diamond driller and who had emigrated in 1908. They remained living in New York, anglicising their surname to Johnson. The couple, who were childless, spent the rest of their lives in the Bronx and Simon later worked as a handyman in their apartment complex. In later years their two nephews Axel Landergren (b. 1906) and Erland Andersson (b. 1910) lived with them.

Aurora Adelia Johnson, née Landergren, died in the Bronx on 2 August 1947 aged 58.  She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery Brooklyn, New York, Section Gibbon, grave R-115 buried as Aurora Adele Johnson.

Her widower passed away in 1962.

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Aurora Adelia Landergren and husband Simon F. Johnson
Simon Fredrick Johnson, husband of Aurora Adelia Landergren
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