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Bridget Driscoll

Miss Bridget Driscoll was born in Letter, Ballydehob, Co Cork, Ireland on 17 January 1885, arriving several hours behind her twin brother.1

She was the daughter of John Driscoll (b. 1847), a farmer, and Catherine Burke (b. 1849), Cork natives who had married in Skibbereen on 9 February 1875. 

She was one of seven children and her known siblings were: Eugene (b. 26 November 1875), Mary (b. 19 July 1887), John (b. 29 December 1894) and her twin brother Timothy (b. 17 January 1885).

Bridget appears on the 1901 census living with her family in house 4 in Letter, Ballydehob and her family were resident at the same address on the 1911 census although Bridget was absent. Bridget had emigrated just the previous year to New York, but had returned home in late 1911 to help nurse her mother who was dying of breast cancer. Alas her mother would die on 1 November 1911 before Bridget reached home. She remained in Ireland for a few months with her family before making plans to return home. Her father eventually died in Letter on 11 August 1918 aged 71.

For her return to New York Miss Driscoll booked passage aboard Titanic as a third class passenger (ticket number 14311 which cost £7, 15s) and was bound for the home of her cousin Mrs Finn at 522 Grove Street in Jersey City, New Jersey. Travelling alongside her was another Ballydehob native Annie Jermyn and the pair shared a cabin with another Irish girl, Mary Kelly from Co Westmeath.

Bridget and her two friends Mary and Annie all escaped the sinking, probably together. It is not certain in which lifeboat.

Bridget settled in New York and was married to an Irishman originally from Co Roscommon, Dominick Joseph Carney (b. 20 August 1885), who had emigrated around 1908. They welcomed four children: Catherine, Francis Joseph, Patsy and William.

The family appear on the 1920 census as residents of Delman Street in Bronx, New York and on the 1930 census living at 40 Fordham Street in Bronx. The couple managed a grocery store in their area and by 1942, at the time of Dominick's military draft, they were living at 268 City Island Avenue, Bronx. Both she and her husband were fated to outlive their son Francis who died in 1955.

Following her husband's death on 12 February 1964 Bridget moved to Houston, Texas where her eldest daughter Catherine lived. She remained in Houston for the rest of her life and died there on 28 December 1976 aged 91 and was buried with her husband in St Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx and under an elaborate headstone.


  1. The birth records for Bridget and Timothy state that they were born hours apart, Timothy arriving first at 12 am and Bridget six hours later at 6 am. 

Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Miss Bridget Driscoll
Age: 27 years 2 months and 29 days (Female)
Nationality: Irish
Marital Status: Single
Embarked: Queenstown on Thursday 11th April 1912
Ticket No. 14311, £7 15s
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912
Died: Tuesday 28th December 1976 aged 91 years
Buried: St Raymond's Cemetery, Bronx, New York, United States

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  1. Katherine M. Bradley

    Katherine M. Bradley said:

    Bridget O'Driscoll was a first cousin of my mother, Margaret Barry. For many years, the family thought she perished on the Titanic. My Aunt, Elizabeth O'Leary, who was my mother's older sister and closer in age to Bridget told us that she thought that she had survived. Noone followed up with her whereabouts since my mother didn't know her (being the youngest in her family) and my Aunt did not arrive in America until years later. Just by chance, I requested the List of passengers on the Titanic and saw her name. It made me cry to think that we never knew her, but I'm so glad that she survived,... Read full post

  2. debbie hartman

    debbie hartman said:

    She was my great-grandma. She died when I was 9 years old. She married Dominic Carney. They had one daughter, Cathleen Carney. My grandma is still alive. My grandma had four children, they are all allive. All of Bridget's and Dominic's grandchildren are still alive. I have been told that Dominic and Bridget had a store on City Island, NY. After Dominic died in the early 1960's Bridget moved to Houston to be with her daughter and family. Grammy Carney, that is how I knew her, She was an active woman. Out of all of the great-grandchildren, I was the oldest, so I have the best memories... Read full post

  3. Eddiemurphyecdl

    Eddiemurphyecdl said:

    Her niece is still alive in ballydehob in Ireland. She is 96 years of age.

  4. Curious Anna

    Curious Anna said:

    I was wondering if there is any connections to the Driscoll hotel in Austin, Texas. I have heard many stories of it being haunted and have been inside it just once. It was such a long time ago when I was planning my wedding. And I wanted to know if someone from the titanic could have been connected to it. I am fascinated with titanic and wish to know more about it's survivors and titanic in general. Thanks for sharing your story as well

  5. aba-pokuaa kuntu-blankson

    aba-pokuaa kuntu-blankson said:

    She was my mate in high school

  6. Winnie ODriscoll

    Winnie ODriscoll said:

    My grand aunt Jennie ODriscoll. Buried at same cemetary married last name scugrue ?? And relatives on my mothers side there too cullen and mckeons from Mayoz-

  7. John Driscoll

    John Driscoll said:

    She was my Great Great Aunt. My Grandfather is Jack Driscoll and my Grandmother Bridget Driscoll both lived in Toronto Canada when leaving Ireland. My Grandmother's sister Mary Driscoll also lived in the Bronx.

  8. Eric (4379)

    Eric (4379) said:

    I believe Bridget Driscoll was my Great-Great Aunt as well. Mary Driscoll was my Great Grandmother, she married John Southard. They gave birth to my grandmother Catherine Southard.

  9. Kathleen Kalisak

    Kathleen Kalisak said:

    She was my great great grandmother's cousin. my great great grandmother was Minnie Driscoll, and was the one who rescued her after the carpathia docked in NYC. From the story i heard from other cousins was that Minnie didn't have much money to get to NYC from Jersey City so she bought 3 huge bottles of Whiskey, and used those as payment to the funeral carriage driver, the NYC police officer, and the English sailor on the Carpathia who helped her locate Bridget.

  10. Kathleen Kalisak

    Kathleen Kalisak said:

    I dont know if your mary driscoll is the same as mine, but my g-g- grandmother Mary Driscoll married William Crotty.

  11. Kathleen Kalisak

    Kathleen Kalisak said:

    Sorry the married last name of her Was William Finn, not Crotty. Got mixed up.

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