Mr Karl Jonsson

Mr Karl Jonsson was born 12 May 1886 in Loushult, Kristianstad County, Sweden, to Johan (John), a railway worker born 15 December 1850 at Stockhult (he died 23 February 1915), and Ingrid (nee Nilsson; born 3 August 1854 at Vissefjärda, d. 23 June 1947) Nilsson.1

He left Loushult about 1906 and went to Malmö, where he worked as a railway brakeman.

Jonsson was travelling from to Huntley.

Travelling from Kvilleberga, Sweden via Denmark he bought his ticket for the Titanic in Copenhagen. He boarded at Southampton as a third class passenger with his travelling companions Pål Andreasson, Albert Augustsson, Nils Johansson and his sister in law Olga Lundin.  The American Senate list gave his destination as Huntley, Illinois.

It was alleged by Olga Lundin that he was found alive in the sea after six hours, drifting on a piece of wood.  That story is very likely untrue, since nobody was rescued in that manner. The manner of his survival is as yet unknown.

The Woman's Relief Committee paid him $25.

Exactly what became of him subsequently is unknown.2,3,4

He is believed to have died in Oregon 14 May 1956.


  1. His brothers and sisters were Unknown (b. 3 July 1877), Blenda Sofia, b. 20 September 1878 (died in infancy ?), Emil, b. 18 May 1880, Ida, b. 9 December 1881, Otto Viktor, b. 15 August 1883, Oskar Bernard Nikolaus, b. 5 November 1887, Blenda Maria, b. 18 November 1889, Anna Matilda, b. 14 March 1891 (died young), Klara, b. 17 March 1893, and Axel, b. 14 May 1894.
  2. It has been rumoured that he married a Jennie Ingram in 1920. He lived with her at Tidwater Logging Camp in Oregon. In 1930 he was noted as head brakeman for logging trains, aged 43.
  3. In 1937 a Carl Johnson was recorded at Umatilla, Washington, in 1937, but that Carl Johnson was 64 at the time of his demise, whereas the Titanic survivor would have been 50 or 51 in 1937.
  4. In 1940, a Charles Johnson, aged 53, was an inmate at the Oregon State Hospital for the Insane at Salem. He was divorced and a native of Sweden. There is a small chance he in fact was the Titanic survivor.

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