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Caroline Louise Endres

Caroline Louise Endres
Caroline Louise Endres

Miss Caroline Louise Endres was born in Great Barrington, Berkshire, Massachusetts on 14 June 1872.

Known as Carrie, she was the daughter of German immigrants Otto Endres (b. 1836), a tailor, and Louisa Raifstanger (b. 1851) who had married in Great Barrington on 30 March 1871. She had one known sibling, her brother Frank J.1 (b. 19 March 1874).

She appears on the 1880 census living at an unspecified address in Great Barrington with her family. Her mother later died on 19 June 1881 and her father was remarried in 1883 to her aunt Mina "Minnie" J. Raifstanger (b. 1850). Her father died in 1904 and her aunt/stepmother Minnie in 1932; they are both buried in Mahaiwe Cemetery, Great Barrington.

A graduate of St Luke's Hospital School of Nursing, New York Miss Endres was employed as the private nurse to Mrs Madeleine Astor who, travelling in Europe for her honeymoon, was pregnant. She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a first class passenger and occupied cabin C45 and travelled on the Astor's ticket (17754).

Caroline survived the sinking in lifeboat 4 along with Mrs Astor and her maid Rosalie Bidois. Her brother Frank spoke of the anxious wait to determine her fate:

Caroline EndresF. J. Endres, a member of The Telegram's composing force was on the anxious list until he received word that the saloon passengers had been saved. His sister, Miss. Carrie Endres, New York, is travelling with Col. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor as a nurse.

Mr. Endres said last night, "My sister sailed in February from New York on the Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic.

I accompanied her on board the Olympic when she was about to sail. This makes the seventh trip she has made across the Atlantic. She accompanied the Astors to Egypt and the river Nile. I was impressed with the size of the Olympic and my sister wrote me that though the weather was rough on the trip across, the vessel rode the waves as steadily as though the sea was smooth.

I could not sleep at all last night, but I feel relieved to hear that the saloon passengers have been saved for she was among them. If she is I will hear from her upon her arrival in New York.

(The Worcester Telegram, 16 April 1912)

How long Miss Endres remained in the service of Mrs Astor following the sinking is not clear and details about her life after the Titanic disaster are sketchy. 

It appears - although this is not certain - that within a few years she came under the employment of lawyer George L. Rives of New York; she was shown as a passenger with Rives and his daughter Millard in a March 1915 crossing from Nassau in the Bahamas to New York.

By 1918 she was living between Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania and New York and in August that year she travelled to Europe to carry out work for the American Red Cross; her passport describes her as standing at 5' 4" and with a high forehead, grey hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. It was stated that she intended to return to the USA within two years.

Caroline Endres 1918

Caroline Endres in 1918

In 1923 Carrie applied for another passport; her profession was stated as that of secretary and her permanent residence as 217 East 48th Street, New York. She arrived in Plymouth on 11 June 1923 aboard the President Adams of the United States Line. Another voyage aboard Roma, arriving in New York on 22 May 1933 saw her give her address as 424 Bryn Masen Avenue, Lynford, Pennsylvania.

Caroline Endres 1923

Caroline in 1923

By the time of the 1940 census Carrie was a lodger at Oak Street in Binghamton, Broome, New York (the home of widow Mrs Anna Titchner), stating her previous residence as Bala Cynwyd. 

Caroline Endres, who never married, would spend the remainder of her life in Binghamton, later residing there in a nursing home. She died on 11 January 1964 aged 91 and she was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Hanover, Pennsylvania.


  1. Frank lived for many years in Worcester, Massachusetts where he worked as a newspaper printer and foreman for The Worcester Telegram. He married on 22 November 1898 to Margaret J. Lennon (b. 1874, daughter of Michael Lennon and Mary Watters) but had no known surviving children. He and his wife were frequent travellers across the Atlantic and were still alive as of 1940 when they appeared on that year's US census, still residents of Worcester. What became of them thereafter is unknown.

Newspaper Articles

Worcester Telegram (16 April 1912) Walter Porter Among Those on Titanic
Miss. Carrie Endres Sister of Worcester Man Also on Board Lost Liner
Boston Globe (18 April 1912) Miss Endres Is Saved
Berkshire Eagle (21 August 1986) Photograph of Miss Caroline Endres


The Boston American (1912) Caroline Endres
Private nurse to Mrs Madeleine Astor
1918 passport photograph of Mrs Astor's private nurse
1923 passport photograph of Mrs Astor's private nurse

Documents and Certificates

Contract Ticket List, White Star Line 1912, National Archives, New York; NRAN-21-SDNYCIVCAS-55[279]).
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  1. Lori Endres

    Lori Endres

    I am looking for more information about Caroline Louise Endres. She was Mrs Astor's private nurse and was rescued with her. If anyone has any info about her could you please E-mail me at [email protected]! Lori Endres INDIANA

  2. katherine

    Re: Did Caroline Have any hobbies known??

  3. Keiko Kawasaki

    Keiko Kawasaki

    What was the role of Caroline Endres, Mrs. Astor's nurse? She already had a maid (Rosalie Bidios) and according to what I've heard Mrs. Astor wasn't that far along, so was Caroline there just in case Mrs. Astor went into early labour or did she have another job?

  4. Mauro Zungri

    The Endres young lady, if she does not fail the memory, was in charge the referred thing of the pregnancy of Madeline; while Mrs. BiGod towards a the other types of care. P/d: Remember that Madeline and JJ returned of a long trip.

  5. João Carlos Pereira Martins

    João Carlos Pereira Martins

    Caroline had nursing train and, as Mauro already said, they had been on a long trip, and a pregnant woman needs special treatment, she could went into labour or have another kind of complication, and women in this condition are much more sensitive to some diseases. That's what I think her job was. Regards, João

  6. shirley wells

    Does anyone have any information regarding Caroline Endres after her return to New York? Did she stay in service with the Astors?

  7. Gianni Yrois

    hi shirley, Miss Endres didn`t stay in service for the rest of her life. She was only by the Astors since Madeleines son John Jacob was borne, then she went anywhere alse working. She never married and had no children. Some clues said that she was from german heritage. She was borne on June 14, 1872 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Realtives and people who where interested in her wright on messageboard of other websites that she stayed in her old age in a retire home in Binghamton, New York. She was described as a very nice and friendly women. Her place of death is discussed, many... Read full post

  8. shirley wells

    Thank you so much Gianni. I will try and find the other links. I am trying to find out if she ever returned to France again or even the route the that she took with the Astors on her way to Cherbourg. I have what I believe to be one of her possessions. It is here in France so it may never made it to the sailing with her or, if she returned to France, did she bring it back with her! So frustrating trying to research!!! Best wishes from Normandie. shirley

  9. shirley wells

    Can you please look at this link for details and photos and any help would be appreciated. Imay be at a dead end with this!!

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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Miss Caroline Louise Endres
Age: 39 years 10 months and 1 day (Female)
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 17757, £247 10s 6d
Cabin No. C45
Rescued (boat 4)  
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912
Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery, Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States

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