Mr Charles Eugene Williams

Charles Eugene Williams
Daily Graphic, April 20, 1912

Mr Charles Eugene Williams from Harrow, England boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger (ticket number 244373, £13). Williams was a squash racquets player. According to contemporary reports he and was travelling to New York to defend his title.

Williams told reporters that he had left the squash racquet court at 10.30p.m. and had gone to the smoking room. When he heard the crash he rushed out and saw the iceberg which he said rose a hundred feet above the deck. The iceberg broke up amidships and drifted away.

Williams said he jumped as far as he could from the side of the Boat Deck on the starboard side. He added that the boat he had to stand in water up to his knees in the boat that finally picked him up.

As he is not among the known survivors of boat A or B that match this description it is more likely that he got into lifeboat 14 when it was lowered from the deck (1).

Mr Peterman, hon. secretary of the Racquets Association, stated last night that he recieved a cable from Williams, the professional racquets champion, who was on board the Titanic. Williams was to have played a match in New York against G. Standing on April 29 for the championship of the world. The cable reads: "Match postponed; return next week. Williams." 
Daily Sketch, 20 April 1912



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1. It is possible that he has been confused with Richard Norris Williams who was rescued in Collapsible A.

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