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Charles Henry Pascoe

Charles Henry Pascoe
Charles Henry Pascoe

Mr Charles Henry Pascoe was born in Breage, Cornwall, England on 17 March 1867 1, later being baptised on 18 August that same year in Perranuthonoe. 

He was the son of Anthony Pascoe (b. 1836), a naval seaman, and Jane Ann Bartlett (b. 1836). Both his parents, also natives of Cornwall, had married in Devon in 1856, initially settling in Stoke Damerel where they began their family.

Charles had six known siblings: Charles Henry (b. 1858), Joseph Ernest (1859-1862), Mary Jane (1862-1880), Francis John (1866-1926), James Anthony (1868-1945) and Thomas Albert (1871-1919). 

He first appears on the 1871 census living at Cove in Sennen, Cornwall, the family having only recently moved there from Perren. The family would move again to Talland near Liskeard and his mother died there in 1874. The remaining family appear on the 1881 census living at Great Green, Talland; Charles, aged 13, had no stated profession whilst his father was by then described as a naval pensioner. His father was to remarry in 1883 to spinster Betsy Ann Knight (b. 1834); the family remained living in Liskeard and Anthony Pascoe died in 1902 and his second wife Betsey in 1905.

A former farm servant, Charles joined the Royal Navy on 27 December 1884, first serving aboard the Ganges and rising to the rank of an able seaman by 1889. Other ships he served aboard included: Impregnable, Canada, Adelaide, Vivid, Cambridge, Tauranga, Defiance, Hermione, Triumph, Nile, Implacable and Surprise. After over twenty years of service his final voyage was aboard Vivid in July 1907 after which he was pensioned. Of generally very good conduct throughout his tenure, physically he stood at 5' 3¼" and had dark brown hair, grey eyes and a fresh complexion. He had a scar on his left kneecap and sported tattoos on both wrists (a bracelet on his right and "Love" on his left). At least one of his brothers, Thomas, also joined the Navy. 

When Pascoe signed-on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 68 High Street, Southampton. His previous ship had been Olympic and as an able seaman he could expect monthly wages of £5. 

Pascoe was rescued, probably in lifeboat 8. He was not called to testify at either the American or British Inquiries into the sinking but received expenses of £8, 12s, 6d for his detention at the latter. In a brief interview conducted for the Western Morning News (29 April 1912) he described that when he left the ship the forecastle head had already come flush with the ocean. He also stated that his lifeboat could have comfortably taken another forty persons aboard, having been launched just partially filled.

With the outbreak of WWI Pascoe reenlisted with the Navy and joined Eclipse as able seaman on 2 August 1914. He would serve until 30 September 1917 when he was discharged, his last ship being Vivid II

His later movements after that are difficult to ascertain. He married in later life in 1928 to a widow, Annie (Minnie) Broad who had a son named Leslie, a van driver.

Charles Pascoe died at his home in Penzance, Greyholm at 14 South Terrace, on 29 March 1937. He was buried on the 2nd April 1937 with his wife Minnie in the same grave in Penzance cemetery Cornwall (plot number 11-R-19 Consecrate). 

His death notice made no mention of the Titanic but did, however, go to lengths to state the nature of his coffin:

"The casket was of English elm with silver fittings. The undertaking was satisfactorily carried out by Mr F. Ancell." - The Cornishman, 8 April 1937


  1. When he joined the Navy Pascoe gave a birth date at odds with his baptismal record, stating that he had been born on 30 June 1869. 

Titanic Crew Summary

Name: Mr Charles Henry Pascoe
Age: 45 years and 29 days (Male)
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Single
Last Residence: at 68 High Street Southampton, Hampshire, England
Occupation: Able Seaman
Last Ship: Olympic
Embarked: Southampton on Saturday 6th April 1912
Rescued (boat 8)  
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912

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  1. Capt John said:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have recently discovered the name CH Pascoe on the crew list of the Titanic. Born in Perran Porth, Cornwall. Does anybody have any more details, as he could be a relation of mine. My grandfather and Father and I all went to sea, and all born on Cornwall. However, the name Pascoe is as common as Dai in Wales. Any information would be great. Capt John Pascoe.

  2. Mike Herbold said:

    Suggest you contact Steve Coombes in Exeter. He's the expert for passengers and crew from Cornwall. Contact me offsite at for his address.

  3. Kirk Walter Pascoe said:

    ANY information on a Charles H. Pascoe - Able Body Seaman, aboard H.M.S. Titanic. Please e-mail me at: Strongly suspect this man may be my grandfather. Would be greatful for any help. All record of this man after sinking of Titanic is non-existant in England. Help Needed! Kirk W. Pascoe Sudbury, Ontario

  4. Kirk Walter Pascoe said:

    Seeking any information on "Charles H. Pascoe" Able Body Seaman - Titanic. Records state he was most likely in life boat # 8. Stronly suspect this man and my grandfather are the same man for the following reasons; Both were born around the same time (1868) Both came from Cornwall, England. Both were seaman by trade. Both have the same name - Charles H. Pascoe No goverment documents relating to Charles H. Pascoe in England after 1912, same year my grandfather came to Canada. PLEASE! Anyone out there with any info on this chap PLEASE e-mail me at:... Read full post

  5. Capt. John Pascoe said:

    Fellows, Is there any new research done on the family or ancestors of C. Pascoe born Perran (Porth).

  6. Capt. John Pascoe said:

    I guess not. Capt. pascoe

  7. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    All I could find here on ET was a short piece on an Able bodied seaman by that name. Nothing about any ancestors or decendants I'm afraid. Perhaps one of our chums who researches passengers and crew can help you out when they come back from whatever they're up to on a weekend. Cordially, Michael H. Standar

  8. Steve Coombes said:

    This crew member survived in lifeboat 8 but what happened to him afterward? I wonder if he may be the Charles H Pascoe born Perran (complete name Perranuthnoe, near Helston) Cornwall c1868? Does anyone have any ideas on his life before or after Titanic, it seems strange that his biography on ET is so brief considering he was a survivor. By all means Email me direct if you have any thoughts/clues as I don't regularly visit the message board. Thanks Steve (Devon/Cornwall passenger/crew researcher)

  9. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    According to , he is indeed the person born in Perran in 1868. Don't be surprised if the biographies at times tend to be a little skimpy. Research is on-going to learn more, but these people weren't out to "make" history and were scarcely concerned with their place in it. They just wanted to get on with their lives in peace.

  10. avatar

    Fiona Nitschke said:

    Hello Steve, I thought it was you that provided the information on Pascoe being born in Cornwall in 1868 for the ET biography? If so, are you now thinking this might be a mistaken identification? I'm not able to assist in your enquiry, but am interested in the deck crew, so had noticed your name on Pascoe's page.

  11. David Huffaker said:

    Per the local records - He was born 17 mar 1867, christened 18 August 1867 - Parents Anthony and Jane Anne Pascoe.

  12. Steve Coombes said:

    Michael, Fiona and David Thank you all for your swift replies. David in particular, your notes are just what I needed but for completeness do you know which parish the birth & christening took place? The 1871 census shows his birthplace as Breage and 1881 as Perran. Since posting the original message I have brought together quite a bit on his early life/family and as soon as you reply will be ready to add an article to his biography page. Thanks Steve

  13. avatar

    Phillip Gowan said:

    His birth certificate states he was born 18 March 1867 in Helston, Cornwall. Dave--which local record gives 17 March??

  14. mary mason said:

    steve, i live in cornwall, so i'm interested in the cornish passengers and crew. i dont know if you need any help but if theres anything i can do to help you in your research just let me know as i love doing it.

  15. Deleted member 173198 said:

    Unsure whether the first post was entered as I'm expericing problems by posting a message. If the first failed, then here's a rough guide on what I said early. Steve, welcome to the Board and a Happy New Year! If you need assistance's then I can put you in touch with someone privately from that area of the woods. She deals and specializes mainly with a lot of the families from that area of Cornwall and Devon. She might, depending on how lucky you are, offer you some useful tips! Please inform! Andrew W.

  16. Deleted member 173198 said:

    For Steve Coombes - Titanic historian for the Crew and Passenger of Devon and Cornwall. I know Steve is no longer a valued member of E.T., but if his is watching closely on how the message board is performing, ideally, I would like him to make contact as soon as possible, as I may have some additional information I wish to share on the mentioned name above. Everything is circulating on marriages of Charles as he was married not once, but twice.

  17. avatar

    Christophe Puttemans said:

    Surviving seaman photo I found a photograph on the website of the Irish Journal:

  18. Jack Dawson said:

    Hi, this is going to be a little tough to answer. I think there were, what, about 140 crewman returned to Plymouth? He does look like a deck seaman, and you can barely make out the faint 'White Star' name on the front of his sweater. I think the key to this is looking at seaman who had three brothers to begin with. I tried going through the crew list on ET, but some of the entries just don't have that level of information available. Good luck though, it would be nice to put a name to the face.

  19. avatar

    Christophe Puttemans said:

    Bingo Almost looks like a direct crop from the image on the Irish Journal. Found no other evidence, but it should do.


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