Charlotte Wardle Cardeza

Charlotte Wardle Cardeza

Mrs James Warburton Martinez Cardeza (Charlotte "Lottie" Wardle Drake) was born 10 April 1854 the daughter of Leeds, England born textile entrepreneur Thomas Drake and his American wife Matilda McCheshney.

Charlotte’s married James Warburton Martinez Cardeza in 1874 and lived in an extravagant mansion, Montebello, in Germantown, PA. She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with her son Thomas and her maid Anna Ward. They occupied one of the most expensive suites on the ship, B-51/53/55 (ticket number17755, £512, 6s).

Mrs Cardeza and her entourage brought with them fourteen trunks, four suitcases and three crates of baggage. Mrs Cardeza would later file a detailed claim to the value of £36,567 2s for their loss.

Mrs Cardeza, her son and their servants were rescued in lifeboat 3.

Mrs Cardeza died on 1 August 1939, she was buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

Mrs Cardez Grave

Cardeza Mausoleum

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Bedroom at Mrs Cardeza's Montebello Mansion
Charlotte Cardeza
Charlotte Cardeza
Charlotte Cardeza and Annie Ward
Charlotte Cardeza newspaper picture
Exterior of Mrs Cardeza's Germantown home, Montebello
Mrs Cardeza at her desk
Mrs Cardeza's Bedroom at her Montebello Mansion
Photographic Portrait of Charlotte Cardeza
Staircase of Mrs Cardeza's home, Montebello
Steam Yacht 'Eleanor'
Studio Portrait of Charlotte Cardeza
The lounge of Mrs Cardeza's home: Montebello
(1902) Charlotte Cardeza


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