David Vartanian

Mr David Vartanian was born on 15 April 1890. He was an ethnic-Armenian and lived in Oror, Kiği, near Erzurum in eastern Turkey. He was the son of Azadia Vartanian and Sierma Apigian.

David worked as a labourer and was married in 1911 to Mary Baidzar (b. 15 April 1895 in Dzermag, Kiği). Life for David as a Christian and an Armenian was a difficult one and he and his like were relegated to second class citizenship and harsh persecution under Turkey's Muslim Ottoman regime. The political and religious unrest culminating at the time prompted David and several of his compatriots; Neshan Krekorian, Arsen Siraganian, Haroutioun Zakarian and Mampré Zakarian, to flee the country and emigrate to Canada. His wife Mary was left behind in Kiği.

Vartanian boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a third class passenger (ticket number 2658 which cost £7, 4s, 6d). He was rescued, he claimed in Collapsible A, but it is more likely that he escaped in a standard lifeboat, possibly boat 13 but more likely 15. 15 April 1912 was his 22nd birthday.

In Canada he went with Krekorian to Mr Paul Martin, 108 Princess Street, Hamilton, Ontario. He lived there for several years before eventually settling in the USA and was of the understanding that his wife had fallen victim to the Armenian Genocide when KiÄŸi was decimated but, however, continued to write home in the hope of tracing her. Following years of perseverance he managed to ascertain that his wife was still alive and he sent money for her to meet him. The couple were reunited after an eleven year hiatus which took place at Niagara Falls.

David and his wife settled in Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania and he was employed by the WPA. The couple went on to have three children: Jack "Jackie" (1924-1986), Rose (1926-2012, later Mrs George Vartanian) and Alice (b. 1931, later Mrs Dan Wojdylack). The family were still residing in Meadville at the time of the 1940 census but they later relocated and settled in Detroit, Michigan.

David Vartanian died in Detroit on 3 August 1966 aged 76 and is buried in Woodmere Cemetery in that city.

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David Vartanian Headstone

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(1966) David Vartanian (Death Certificate)
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  1. Richard Paola said:

    i read an account in the book "Titanic - Great Lakes Connection", which related David Vartanian's story after surviving Titanic, which was quite moving. After landing in New York, his desperate efforts to contact his wife in Europe proved hopeless..months turned to years with no word from her. Despite many of his friends telling him she was probably killed, he never gave up, until finally, over 10 years later, a letter finally arrived from her...anyways, after more correspondence, they finally met..since he was living in the States by now, and she had arrived in Canada, they met on the... Read full post

  2. avatar

    Kate Bortner said:

    While I do have this book, it's at home so I can't check; does Chris Kohl site his source for this one? That might be the first place to check. If not try contacting Mr Kohl directly (I think I have his e-mail address or phone number around somewhere if you need it) and I'm sure he can site where he got the information. E-mail me privately if you need this info or more info I've learned about this book. -kate.

  3. avatar

    Phillip Gowan said:

    The story about Vartanian comes from his daughter who still lives in Michigan and there was a good article detailing his life in the THS Commutator, Volume 23, page 28. Phil

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