Mrs Elisabeth Walton Robert

Elisabeth Walton Robert

Mrs Edward Scott Robert (Elisabeth Walton McMillan), 43, was born August 5, 1868 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the daughter of John McMillan and Elisabeth Walton.

She was first married to Judge Madill who was 30 years her senior and she was widowed after only 6 years of marriage in December 1901.

Her second marriage lasted only 7 years and this husband, Edward Scott Robert, had been a pallbearer at the funeral of her first husband. Following the death of Edward S. Robert in December of 1911, Elizabeth and her daughter sought to escape their sorrow by taking a trip to Europe, returning on the Titanic.

A resident of St. Louis, Missouri, she boarded the Titanic at Southampton with her niece, Elisabeth Walton Allen, her daughter from her marriage to Judge Madill Georgette Alexandra Madill, and her maid Emilie Kreuchen. She occupied cabin B-3.

Elisabeth Robert was rescued in lifeboat 2.

She died January 15, 1956.

The family is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. Mrs. Robert, always especially kind and thoughtful of her family's servants, took the highly unusual step of seeing to it that when three of the black servants died (Katherine Harris in 1937, Laura Belle Harris in 1942, and Viola Harris Douglas in 1945) the women were buried with the rest of the Madill family in Bellefontaine.

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Elisabeth Robert

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