Ellen Mary Mockler

Miss Ellen Mary Mockler1 was born on 1 April 1889 in Currafarry2, Killian, Co Galway, Ireland.

Coming from a Roman Catholic family versed in both the Irish and English languages, she was the youngest child of six born to Andrew Mockler (b. circa 1850), a farmer, and Catherine Mitchell (b. circa 1850), both Galway natives who had married on 21 February 1876. 

Her known siblings were: Martin (b. 10 August 1877), Michael (b. 1 November 1881), Eleanor Margaret (b. 26 October 1883) and Bridget(3) (b. 17 September 1886). Another unidentified child died in infancy.

Ellen, known as Ellie, appears on the 1901 census living at house 8 in Currafarry and on the 1911 census at house 7, Currafarry on which she had no stated profession.

She boarded the Titanic at Queenstown on 11 April 1912 as a third class passenger (ticket number 330980 which cost £, 17s, 7d). She was travelling with fellow-Galway people: Thomas Smyth, Margaret Mannion, Thomas Kilgannon and Martin Gallagher (in later interviews she would claim a third lady was part of her party, possibly Honor Healy). Her final destination would be Manhattan where two of her sisters, Margaret and Bridget, already lived and it was they who sent her the money for her passage.

On the night of the sinking Ellen claimed that many steerage passengers were staying below decks, and that she would have done the same if it had not been for three Irish men that she was travelling with. She also remembered that not one of the crew seemed particularly helpful, and no-one told them what to do or where to go and everybody just milled round aimlessly. In her later years she recalled chickens running around, having escaped from the kitchens! Elsewhere, she saw a lady calmly playing the piano in one of the third class public rooms. In her haste to leave her cabin she had forgotten her handbag and a few belongings which she returned for but on the way a man persuaded her to forget such trifles as it may cost her life.

She and her Galway friends later spent time in prayer and knelt on the open decks and recited the Rosary. Both Ellen Mockler and Margaret Mannion were rescued in the same boat (possibly lifeboat 16), which Ellen described as only partially full. Looking back on deck Ellen saw her three male companions in prayer before her lifeboat was lowered. Whilst in the water, she said the lifeboat began to leak and she, clad only in a dress with her lifebelt over it, felt the cold bitterly.
Arriving in New York Ellen recalled being examined in a hospital before being released to see her family. She was described as a servant aged 19 and was headed to her sister Mrs Lynch at 412 West 17th Street, New York.

Hard on the heels of Ellen's experiences in Titanic came the news of the death of her father back in Ireland; he passed away on 1 June 1912. Her mother remained in Currafarry and died on 1 October 1929. Her last surviving sibling in Ireland, Michael, married and raised a family. He too remained in Currafarry  and died there on 24 October 1960.

Ellen spent five years living in New York where she worked for the National Biscuit Company. In 1917 she moved to Worcester, Massachusetts and entered the order of the Sisters of Mercy that same year, was professed into the order in 1920 and took her final vows in 1925, becoming Sister Mary Patricia. She taught in schools and later worked as an administrator for the Catholic School Diocese and served as a sacristan for 36 years at St Paul's Cathedral and later at the chapel of the Sisters of Mercy Motherhouse, 101 Barry Road, Worcester before her retirement in 1976.

She was one of only two known survivors to become a nun, the other being another Irish survivor from Co Mayo, Annie Kate Kelly. Remaining a sprite woman even into her advanced years, Ellen gave interviews to the media frequently, flippantly telling them that she was on her way to America to make her fortune. One of her final interviews was for an unidentified Worcester newspaper in 1982 where she recounted her experiences and when asked if she heard the band play the supposed final hymn Nearer my God to Thee she replied "If they did, I never heard it."

Sister Mary Patricia, formerly Ellen Mary Mockler, died on 1 April 1984, her 95th birthday. She was buried in St Joseph's Cemetery, Leicester, Massachusetts.


  1. Spelling of surname varies widely on records; on her birth record it's given as Mocler. Other records for her parents or sibling spell it as Moclar, Mocler and Mocklare. It's spelled as Mocklair on 1901 census and Mocklare on 1911 census.
  2. Sometimes spelled Curraferry. Derives from the Irish Corr Uí Fhearaígh.

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  1. Anna Mitchell Kehoe said:

    I am a relation of Mary Ellen Mockler through my father Mr. Patrick A Mitchell who passed away recently at the age of 90 His mother was also named Catherine Mitchell and his grandfather was from the town of Caltra in Co. Galway I was aware that she was on lifeboat 16 and that it was half full However I was told that Mary Ellen travelled with her fiance and that he perished The story Dad told me was that he had given her his oil skinned coat to protect her from the cold ?????? I have four children and it is great to pass on this lovely survival story of one of their ancestors Anna Mitchell... Read full post

  2. Matt weir said:

    I am also of relation to sister Mary Patricia, grandson of her niece, Margaret Mockler. It's stories like these that make you wish you could meet all of your ancestry, yet, it's not to be. I was fortunate enough to visit Galway co. and see the house they were born, some would call it tiny, and if I know my family I'm sure they'd call it cozy. Niece to sister Mary Patricia, Kathleen Mockler still lives with us in the suburbs of NYC, sweetest lady I've ever known.

  3. Seana Lamothe said:

    Anna, I hope you get this.. I am working on a children's book about Ellen Mary Mockler. She was a friend of my family in the US. If you get this, I'd love to speak with you

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