Miss Elsie Doling

Elsie Doling

Miss Elsie Doling, 19, was born on 30 October 1893 in Southampton, the daughter of John Doling (1855-1941) and Augusta Lucretia Parker Boyce (1856-1923).  She had 13 siblings of whom only 6 survived.1

In 1911 Elsie was living with her mother and brother Harold at Spring Bank, Shirley Warren, Southampton.

She accompanied her sister-in-law Ada Doling to New York. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton as second class passengers (ticket number 231919, price: £23).

When the Titanic stopped at Queenstown, Elsie, Ada and an unidentified male passenger2 were photographed on the promenade deck. The photograph was printed in newspapers after the disaster.

Titanic Promenade Deck Doling

After their rescue by the Carpathia, Miss Doling and her relative returned to England on board the Philadelphia on 11 May 1912.

On 6 November 1920 she married an Indian Doctor William St.Alban Hendricks (1877-1966) in Bombay, India.  They would have four children: John (born 1923), Gerald St. Alban (born 1925), Clara (born April 1927) and Elizabeth Mary (born 1933).3,4

She died on 3 March 1972.


  1. They included: John Thomas Doling (1877–1938) husband of Titanic passenger Ada Doling; Percy Doling (1880–1961); Verna Augusta Doling (1882–1967); Edward Charles Doling (1885–1965, in 1911 assistant manager of the emigrant's home [Atlantic Hotel]); Ethel Florence Doling (1887–) and Harold Victor Doling (1897–1976)
  2. Fred Wheeler (George Washington Vanderbilt's Valet) and Henry Price Hodges (a Southampton piano dealer) are the two most frequently mentioned possibilities.  Hodges because he accompanied the Dolings on the Titanic and Wheeler because family sources suggest a brother of Ada's worked for the Vanderbilt's and had asked that Wheeler help the Dolings on the voyage.  
  3. In 1925 Elsie, her father and son John Hendricks sailed from London back to Bombay, aboard the Modasa.  India was stated as her intended place of permanent residence. 
    In March 1928 they arrived back in England aboard the Letitia, according to the passenger list they intended to remain permanently in England however they departed once again from Liverpool, on 11 January 1930, bound for Bombay aboard the Anchor Line's Britannia.  On this occasion Elsie was accompanied by her husband, William, and children: John, Clara and Gerald.  In 1949 she is listed as having returned to England from Bombay aboard the Asturias with William and her daughter Mary Elizabeth.
  4. Gerald was born in England but the birthplace of the other children is unknown, it is quite likely that they were born in India where Elsie settled

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