Miss Emily Louisa Badman

Emily Badman

Miss Emily Louisa Badman, 18, was born on 19 January 1894 in Clevedon, Somerset. She was the daughter of Solomon Badman (general labourer) and Emily Badman (née Cox). The family lived at 128 Kenn Road. She was one of seven children, four being Harry, Arthur, Caroline and Pauline.

She boarded the Titanic at Southampton having travelled from her home in Clevedon, Somerset. She travelled in third class (ticket number A/4 31416, £8 1s) and was bound for Skanteales, New York where her sister Pauline was living 1.

In later interviews, Miss Badman stated that Edward Dorking had helped her to put on a lifebelt, she also claimed to have seen shootings on the deck, and to have heard the band play "Nearer My God to Thee."

She was rescued in Collapsible C. After her arrival in New York Emily spent some time at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York.

Emily Badman

Emily had made friends with a fellow passenger, Sarah Roth. Sarah married Daniel Iles one week after arriving in New York on Carpathia, Emily was a bridesmaid.

Emily remained in America and in 1913 married Michael O'Grady. They had three sons, Thomas, Michael and John and a daughter Margaret. The family lived at 553 Prospect Avenue, Ridgefield, New Jersey.

Emily Badman and children

Emily with her three children in the 1920s.

Emily Louisa O'Grady (née Badman) died on 17 July 1946 and was buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Tenafly, New Jersey. Her husband, Michael died in 1963, aged 75.


1. Destination listed as "Mrs Ernest Arthur R.F.D. 62 Skaneateles, N.Y."

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Titanic Survivor who had Thrilling Experience
Sarah Roth, Danial Iles and Emily Badman
New York Tribune  (1912) 
Emily Louisa Badman

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Jersey Journal (1946) 
Syracuse Herald (1912) 

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  1. melissa townsend said:

    Miss. Badman was a third class passenger and was rescued in collapsible "C". I may be a relative and am in need of any further information that anyone can give me. The Badman name split later on in the 1900 and became Badmone. If anyone has any info on Emily's life and kids please e-mail me. I do know that Emily married in 1913. She married Michael O'Grady and had four children. The week after she arrived in New York she was a brides maid at another passengers wedding that she had become friends with. This is all that I know about her. I would love to hear what you have. Thanks to all for... Read full post

  2. melissa townsend said:

    was a third class passenger that was rescued on collapsible "C" She married a year after she arrived in New York to Michael O'Grady and had 4 kids. 3 Boys and a girl. I may be related to her because sometime in the 1900 the Baman family had a falling out and they split which created the two different spellings. Any info that anyone has is appreciated. [Moderator's Note: This post, originally posted as a separate thread outside of this subtopic, has been moved to the... Read full post

  3. Lois Badman Cracknell (Unregistered Guest) said:

    Hi, there's a lot of the Badman Family on ancestry.co.uk/.com Emily is my grandads aunt, so I guess you may be related to me?! Lois Badman-Cracknell

  4. Mark Baber said:

    Lois, if you click on Melissa's name, you'll see that she hasn't visited here in over three years. It's not likely, therefore, that she'll see, or respond to, your message.

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    Philip Hind said:

    Might be worth sending her a private message... Her email will still be on file if she is still registered.

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