Florentina Durán i Moné

Miss Florentina Duran y More, 30, was born in San Adrián, Prov. Lérida, Spain. She had been visiting her father Ramon Duran at Tamaset 167 Piso 2°-1a- in Barcelona and was now travelling to the home of Tomas Benedicto, Plaza del Vapor, Habana (Havana), Cuba.

She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a second class passenger together with her sister Asuncion. She held ticket number SC/PARIS 2148, price: £13 17s 2d.

Miss Florentina Duran and her sister survived the sinking. They were rescued by the Carpathia in lifeboat 12. From New York to Habana, she had bought a ticket for £3 1s 9d on 6 April 1912 from White Star Agent N. Martin in Paris. She was to travel on a vessel of the Ward Line.

Florentina Duran y More married fellow second class passenger Julian Padron Manent. They lived together in Cuba, they had no children. Florentina died in 1959 and was buried in Colon Cemetery, Havana.


Immigration officer's recorded her status as married.

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Documents and Certificates

(1959) Florentina Durán i Moné (Death Certificate)
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