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Franz Karun

Franz Karun
Franz Karun

Mr Franz Karun, 39, was born 2 December 1872 near Milje, Austria-Hungary (modern Slovenia). He was the son of Janez Karun who was born in Milje in 1846 and died there in 1895. Janez Karun was married in 1870 to Marija Treljec who was born 12 December 1849 in Predoslje, Slovenia and who died in Milje in 1896.

Franz was married to Marianna Vombergar and they had five children: Frances, Urban, Manca, Frank and Mary (1).

Karun family
Left to Right: Frances, Manca, Mary, Franz, Marianna, Frank, and Urban. Taken in Milje, Slovenia in 1912.
(Courtesy Phillip Gowan)

Karun later moved to Galesburg, Illinois where he ran a boarding house for railroad workers, however, the family retained Austro-Hungarian citizenship.

In 1912 Karun had been back to his homeland and was now returning to Galesburg2 with his daughter Manca3. They bought their tickets for 138 Swiss francs from the agent: Im Obersted & Cie, Basel. They boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as third-class passengers4. Travelling with them was Franz' brother-in-law(probably Johann Markun)

Stories which appeared in the Galesburg press of 22 and 23 April 1912 contained many errors. "Anna" is identified as Franz's niece and the two are reported to have swum away from the wreck before being hauled aboard a passing collapsible when in fact they most likely boarded a lifeboat which was lowered from the deck.

After their rescue the Karuns were helped financially by the American Red Cross:

No. 229. (Austrian).
A labourer, 39 years of age, with his little daughter, 4 years old, returning to Illinois from a visit to relatives, Suffered from shock and exposure and lost baggage and $700 in cash. He received clothing and $125 from other American sources of relief. ($375).

Frank Karoun of Galesburg who was one of the fortunate ones who escaped with their lives when the Titanic went down, has brought suit against the White Star Company to recover for the loss of $700 in money and about $850 in personal effects. - The Quill, 4 June 1912

One year later the Karuns were mentioned again in the press when an outer wall collapsed on the hotel/boarding house that they owned and it was uncertain whether they would remain in Galesburg. Indeed, about a year after the disaster the family returned to Austria-Hungary (Slovenia). Manca's four siblings later returned to the United States and died here. Manca herself did not return to the states but married a Mr Anton Juvan6, she continued living in Slovenia and died there.

After the death of his first wife in 1914, Franz Karun married Angela (born 1888, died 1924); they had one daughter, Angela Karun (born 1918). Angela married Joza Kovac (1913-1991) and is still (1998) living in the town of Visoko, (near Kranj), Slovenia.

Franz Karun died in Milje, Slovenia on 7 July 1934.


1. In total he had 13 children but only 6 lived to maturity:
  Frances Karun married Anton Macek
  Urban Karun (b.1904, d.1956), married Ann ?--and lived in Detroit
  Manca Karun (b.1907), married Anton Juvan and had 4 children
  Frank Karun (b. 4 October 1909, d. 28 September 1989 in Cleveland, Ohio), married Ann Celigoj (b.1911, d.1990)
  Mary Karun b. 1910 d. 1973 married Joe Koshir and lived in Detroit.
2. Some sources suggest he travelled to Kranj, Austria-Hungary to dispose of the family farm but family sources indicate that he travelled solely to collect his daughter Manca and return with her to Galesburg.
3. Manca is (pronounced MAHN-sa). Elsewhere listed as Monca, Mona, Amie, Anna and Anna Mary.
4. Some sources indicate them as second class but the White Star list confirms that they were third class passengers.
5. The identity of the brother in law is unclear, the newspapers mention the name Kovac or Kovec, which could have been Ivan Stankovic', Stankovic boarded at Cherbourg and was also from Austria-Hungary. Franz Karun himself, and later his daughter, give the name as John Markum. The closest match for which is Johann Markun.
6. Juvan (pronounced YOU-vahn).

Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mr Franz Karun
Age: 39 years 4 months and 13 days (Male)
Nationality: Slovenian Austrian
Occupation: Hotelier
Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 349256, £13 8s 4d
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912
Died: Saturday 7th July 1934 aged 61 years

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  1. Gavin Bell

    Gavin Bell said:

    Would anybody out there know what became of survivor Manca Karun Juvan? I know that she died in Kranj, Slovenia sometime in the 70s or 80s but I have never been able to trace her exact date of death. Anybody out there?? Cameron

  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Encyclopedia Titanica said:

    Have a death notice here for Manca Karun dated 18th Sept 1971 so likely 17th is correct. (This courtesy of Arne Mjaland)

  3. Loretta Kozel

    Loretta Kozel said:

    I am trying to place a relative of my husband's family. It is reported that Franz Karun was an cousin/uncle of Peter and John Kozelj. This Frank Karun lived in Chicago, IL in the 1930's or 1940's. He worked for a large farm implement factory. There were other Karun relatives from Ohio. Peter and John Kozel were two children of a large family born in Milje, Austria. They both immigrated to PA and then to Chicago late in the 1930's. As both families were from Milje, Austria (a small farm village) it is possible that they are related. My husband's brother remembers Frank Karun coming to visit... Read full post

  4. Melinda Laura Varju

    Melinda Laura Varju said:

    Just wondering, how is this name pronounced? Is it Mansa, or Manka? Sometimes the little girl was listed as Anna, and that's nowhere near Manca. Just wondering because I think this name is gorgeous and cute. Thanks, Laura

  5. Timothy Trower

    Timothy Trower said:

    Laura, I noticed your posting about Manca Karun, and the pronunciation of her name is MAHN-suh. She went back to Slovenia and lived out her life. Her descendants still live in the Karun homeplace where Manca was raised. The person that can tell you much more about Manca Karun is Phil Gowan. He would be able to tell you much, much more about Manca. Hope this helps!

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