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Susan Gertrude Kimball
Susan Gertrude Kimball

Mrs Edwin Nelson Kimball was born as Susan Gertrude Parsons in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts on 4 October 1866.

She was the daughter of Isaac Parsons (1829-1910), a merchant of paints, oils and pharmaceuticals, and Anna Grans Smith (1833-1891), both natives of Massachusetts who had married on 16 November 1852. Her known siblings were: Anna  (1855-1857), Ellen "Nellie" Jane (1857-1955, later Mrs Warren Kyle) and Fannie (1859-1945, later Mrs John Arnold).

She first appears on the 1870 census living in Northampton and would still be present there by the time of the 1880 census.

Mrs KimballShe was married on 26 September 1893 in Brookline, Massachusetts to Edwin Nelson Kimball (b. 1870), a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and they appeared on the 1900 census living in Brookline, Massachusetts and on the 1910 census in Boston. Edwin was the president of the Hallet & Davis Piano Company in Boston, Massachusetts. The couple remained childless.

Travelling as first class passengers (ticket number 11753 which cost £52, 11s, 1d), the Kimballs occupied cabin D-19. On the night of the sinking the couple were rescued in lifeboat 5 along with their friends Richard and Sallie Beckwith and Karl Behr and Helen Newsom.

In years after the sinking Gertrude continued to reside in Massachusetts and was shown on the 1920 census living with her husband in Newton, Middlesex. She was widowed in 1927 and on the 1930 census was shown living in Boston with her widowed sister Ellen Kyle.

Gertrude remained living in Boston at 5 Arlington Street. She died however at Wellesley Manor, Wellesley, Massachusetts on 21 March 1962 aged 95 and was buried with her late husband in Newton Cemetery, West Newton, Massachusetts.

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Nearly a dozen Boston men, known to have been aboard the Titanic, are unaccounted for.
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  1. Rolf Vonk

    Rolf Vonk

    Hello dear people, I've a question about a sentence in my Dutch version of Don Lynch's book "Titanic: an illustrated history". On page 106 under the point "Monday 15th of april 0.40" there is a sentence which says: "The Beckwiths, their daughter Helen Newsom, her Tenniscrack Karl Behr and Edwin Kimball and his family climbed into the boat." I was wondering which family was meant. I can't find any relatives to the Kimballs aboard Titanic. Maybe it's a translation error from the real English version. It's rather confusing. Is there anyone who could give me more information? I'm looking forward to your responses
  2. Norman Olsen

    Rollie, Mr. Edwin Nelson Kimball Jr. and his wife Mrs. Edwin Nelson Kimball Jr.(Gertrude Parsons) are listed on the ET First Class Passenger List. They occupied cabin D-19 reference the Cave List. I hope this helps. Norm
  3. Rolf Vonk

    Rolf Vonk

    Hi Norman, Thank you for the information. I was wondering if there was also some other family of the Kimballs aboard beside Edwin and his wife, cause that's what I understand from the book. I couldn't find any information about that. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Rollie
  4. Norman Olsen

    Rollie,I've looked on ET and others who have a passenger list,and also life boat lists,and various books I have, and I don't find any other Kimballs on board Titanic. I have come across a lot of last names followed by "possibly", meaning those names could be another name. But that's all I have come up with so far. Take care. Norm
  5. Rolf Vonk

    Rolf Vonk

    Hi Norm, I did the same thing and I must also conclude that I couldn't find any links to other Kimball-family aboard. Not with the name "Kimball" and not with the nee name of Mrs Kimball. I think it's possible that the translation from Lynchs "Titanic an illustrated history" into Dutch was a bit false. Family could mean a lot in English though it does not in Dutch. For example it could mean the whole family including aunts, uncles etc. but also just a man and his wife. In Dutch it only means the whole family including aunts, uncles etc. That must have been the reason for my confusion. Regards, Rollie
  6. Daniel Rosenshine

    Daniel Rosenshine

    Hi Rollie, I have the English version of Lynch's book in front of me. It is on pg. 106 and there is absolutely no mention of the 'family' in this book. The paragraph reads: '"Of course, madam," he replied. "Every one of you." The Beckwiths, their daughter Helen Newsome, her fiancé, tennis star Karl Behr, and the Edwin Kimballs of Boston all climbed in.' That's all. No other mention of the Kimballs or any family. I guess the translation was incorrect. I have come across things like this before, where English versions of books were translated into other languages, giving deceiving and incorrect translations. Daniel.
  7. Rolf Vonk

    Rolf Vonk

    Hey Daniel, I guess you're right about that. Cause the sentence from the English version is a bit different, but certainly more clear. Rollie
  8. mike disch

    mike disch

    "Mr Edwin Nelson Kimball was the president of the Hallet, Davis Piano Company in Boston, MA After the sinking, Mr Kimball continued to make his home just outside of the Boston area" Any connection to the Kimball piano company, or just an interesting co-inky-dink?
  9. Gianni Yrois

    Hello Did Mr. and Mrs Kimball had any children ? Gianni
  10. Arne Mjåland

    Newton Journal, Newton MA wrote the obituary about Edwin Kimball April 8 1927. According to this Kimball s adress was 59 of 305 Fuller Street, West Newton. He was connected with the piano business for many years. Mr.Kimball retired from active work five years before he died. He was very active in club life. Mr. Kimball was survived by his wife. Mr. Kimball was survived by his wife , Gertrude Parsons Kimball. and his brother George Cook Kimball of Pittsburg. No mention of any Kimball Piano Company. No mention of any children.
  11. Gianni Yrois

    hello evrybody, was Gertrude Kimball the daughter of William Barclay Parsons sr. and Eliza Livingston Glass ? need help! gianni
  12. Arne Mjåland

    Wellesley Free Library sent me this: Mrs Edwin Nelson Kimball Jr. (nee Gertrude Parsons - born Northampton MA. 10/4/1866 daughter of Isaac Parsons) Died 3/21/1963 age 95 Arrangements by J.S. Watermand Sons Inc., 542 Washington St. Wellesley. Cremated Newton Crematory.
  13. Gianni Yrois

    thank you very very very much arne, thats helps a lot best regards gianni
  14. Arne Mjåland

    Thank you for kind words Gianni. Neewton Graphic published the probate for Edwin Kimball April 29 1929. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Middlesex Probate Court. The last will had been presented to the court, for probate, by Gertrude P. Kimball and Old Colony Trust Company. The public were asked to appear at a probate Court, to be held at Cambridge May 3 1927, to show cause. Witness John C. Leggat, Esquire, First Judge of said Court. Lorang P. Jordan Registrer.
  15. Matt Casey

    Kimball's home still stands in Newton. It is not far from where I grew up.
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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mrs Susan Gertrude Kimball (née Parsons)
Age: 45 years 6 months and 11 days (Female)
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married to Edwin Nelson Kimball Jr.
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 11753, £52 11s 1d
Cabin No. D19
Rescued (boat 5)  
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912
Cause of Death:
Buried: Newton Cemetery, Newton, Massachusetts, United States on Saturday 24th March 1962

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