Miss Gertrude Maybelle Thorne

Gertrude Maybelle Thorne

Gertrude Maybelle Thorne was born Gertrude Maybelle McMinn on 26 January 1875 in San Francisco, California 1 she was the daughter of William C. McMinn (b. 1840) and Emma Amanda McGee (b. 1856 d. 1926), she had two sisters, Maude Bernice (later Mrs. Thomas Costigan) (b. 1871 d. 1956) and May Beatrice (later Parker) (b. 1873 d.1943).

By 1878, Gertrude's father William C. McMinn had abandoned his family and Gertrude's mother Emma A. McGee soon married Samuel Abraham Wayne on December 25th 1878 in lake County, California, USA. The family was later listed in the 1880 U.S census in Davisville, California, USA

On June 16th 1899, Gertrude married Harry Thorne in Santa Clara, California. Gertrude was listed in the 1910 U.S census as Maybelle Thorne, a widow living Manhattan with a border named Charles L. Cohe

Gertrude boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a first class passenger Having Ticket No. 17585, £80 4d.

She was the mistress of George Rosenshine. To hide the fact they boarded under the assumed names of George And Gertrude Thorne. The couple were returning from a business trip and holiday. George Rosenshine perished in the disaster but Gertrude escaped in the last lifeboat collapsible D.

Gertrude sent two Marconigrams from the Carpathia, dated 18th April 1912 to: Mr. J. Rosenshine, 1 W. 92nd Street, New York City.

Am safe - Pray God George was rescued by another boat with rest of men. Arrive Carpathia. Mabelle Thorne.

And a Marconigram sent 18th April 1912 to: Mrs. J. Costigan, 72nd & Riverside, The Chalsworth, New York City.

Am safe. Arrive on Cunard Carpathia. Gertrude.

Mr  J. Rosenshine was George Rosenshine's brother, and Mrs J. Costigan was her sister Maude Bernice Costigan.

On July 12th 1913 in Stanford, Connecticut, Gertrude married Richard Centennius Yanke (b. 1876 d. 1935) 2 and they were listed living with each other and a maid in Manhattan, New York, New York in the 1920 U.S census. Richard and Gertrude traveled extensively and Gertrude claimed varies ages on passenger lists until the couple settled in Paris. In her later years Gertrude lived in Paris with her widowed sister Maude Costigan.

Gertrude Maybelle McMinn Yanke died on 19 November 1947 in Nice, France from a cerebral hemorrhage and was buried at Cimetière de L'Est, Nice, France. Her sister Maude Costigan continued to live in France until her death in 1956.


  1. There is some confusion of what year she was born in. On her death certificate it states her birth date as January 26th 1880 but in the 1880 U.S census she is listed as being five years old saying that she was born in 1875 meaning she was most likely born on January 26th 1875
  2. The date and place of there marriage is stated in Richard Yanke's passport from 1922.


Gertrude Maybelle Thorne

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